Yukina Kinoshita poses with her new boyfriend in the car…. her “full of aura” treasured photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita poses with her new boyfriend in the car…. her “full of aura” treasured photo.

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Yukina responded to our direct hit with a smile, demonstrating her natural service spirit. She responded with a pose for the photo. Taken in October this year.

Yukina Kinoshita (33) has resumed her entertainment activities and opened her official fan club “yukinanchi” on November 14. However, the road ahead seems to be a difficult one.

In November 2007, she sent a threatening message on her Instagram to the owner of the tapioca store where her sister worked, and apologized. In November 2007, she sent a threatening message on Instagram to the owner of the tapioca shop where her sister worked, and apologized. (Entertainment production staff)

Nevertheless, she seems to have a bright future ahead of her. In October this year, this magazine interviewed Kinoshita while she was out. Yukina was out with a female friend, but when we approached her, she opened the driver’s window and responded.

–Please tell us a little bit about your future.

“I’ll do my best for my child! That’s it!”

When I asked for a photo, Yukina responded with her signature “chorise” pose. She then closed the driver’s window and drove off in a dashing manner.

Yukina has been in a lot of trouble, but there is no doubt that she is an attractive person. Let’s take a look at her overwhelming aura in her treasured photos.

The charm of her sorrowful expression

Yukina after shopping at the supermarket. Her shorts accentuate her outstanding figure.

Yukina usually has a smile on her face, but her expression was not as cheerful as it should have been right after the tapioca scandal.

It was early afternoon in October 2008. Yukina emerged from her luxury apartment in Tokyo wearing a bucket hat and a long t-shirt in casual fashion, and carrying a yellow Gucci shoulder bag. Her slender figure and small face covered by a mask clearly gave off an aura that was different from the average person.

However, perhaps because the commotion had just become apparent, her expression was somewhat somber. With her blonde hair blowing in the breeze, Yukina headed to the supermarket, bought some groceries, and got into her car.

There was a man who helped Yukina get her smile back. What is the identity of this handsome man?

A man who is loved by his daughters.

Miyuki drives to her friend’s house. Photo taken in June this year.
He usually cooks nutritious meals for his boyfriend, whose body is his capital. Photo taken in June this year.
The two hold hands as soon as they leave their house. There was no pretense of concealment as they went to a nearby restaurant together. Taken in June of this year.

Dusk in June of this year. In a quiet residential area of Tokyo, I saw a beautiful woman with long blond hair and a bright pink dress. Yukina, her five-year-old second daughter, Makana, and a small man were walking together with their hands full of playthings and shopping. The man is a good-looking, athletic, thin macho man.

The three of them met up with a man and a woman who seemed to be friends at a nearby apartment building and went to the park. The handsome man enjoyed playing soccer with Maekana and her friends for about an hour, and after dark, he and Yukina went back to their friend’s apartment.

The man we are interested in is Hidetoshi Miyuki, who plays for Shonan Bellmare, a J1 club.

I heard that the two met through a mutual acquaintance after Kinoshita’s retirement from the entertainment industry last year. Miyuki trains hard every day and frequently visits Kinoshita’s house, an hour and a half away, after practice. Of course, I have already introduced him to her daughters, both of whom I hear are very fond of him. They spend a lot of time together as a family, and they live together half the time.

The truth about our relationship

She was smiling throughout the interview. When I asked her about her pregnancy, which has been rumored on the Internet, she crisply denied it, saying, “I just gained weight! I’m just gaining weight!” she crisply denied. Photo taken in June of this year.

Indeed, on another day, I saw Miyuki visiting Yukina after practice. Is she really starting a new life with Miyuki? I interviewed Yukina herself.

–Is she in a relationship with Miyuki?

Yes, I am. We have a family relationship, including my daughter.

–How is the relationship between your daughters and Miyuki?

Yes, they both love him very much. They both adore him a lot because he treats them that way. …… We all try to watch the games he plays in.

–I heard that you are already living together halfway.

I don’t know if I can call it living together ……, but we spend most of our time together.

–Is your ex-husband Satoshi Fujimoto (of the comedy duo FUJIWARA) still living in the same apartment?

Yes, he does. Yes, he does.

–Do you know about their relationship?

Yes, …… I know that I have …… this ‘special someone’.”

–Are you thinking about marriage?

What, marriage? No, I’m not thinking about that right now …… (laughs). (laughs) But I am supported by him. She’s very important to me.

After all, a smile suits Yukina. With her resumption of her career in the entertainment industry, I hope she can bring even more charm to her fans.

With her ex-husband Fujimon, taken in November 2009.
The Fujimon family, including Yukina Kinoshita and Toshifumi Fujimoto, leaving the store to buy books for their children.
With her ex-husband Fujimon, taken in November 2009.
Photographed in June 2008.
Taken in June 2008.
Taken in June 2008.
Taken in October 2008.
  • Photography Takayuki Ogawauchi, Makoto Kuwata, Masaaki Saito, Keisuke Nishi, Ippei Hara, Kojiro Yamada

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