Currently on a three-game losing streak! Haruka Ayase, whose starring roles have continued to flop, “The way forward is a Marvel-like science fiction heroine” – the surprising reason why. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Currently on a three-game losing streak! Haruka Ayase, whose starring roles have continued to flop, “The way forward is a Marvel-like science fiction heroine” – the surprising reason why.

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In “Revolver Lily,” released in August, she played a former female spy of great skill.

The filming of “Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-Law Blues Final 2024 Happy New Year Special” (TBS), which will be broadcast on January 2, 2012, seems to be going well. The magazine also reported on the location shooting in its November 10 and 17 issues. On the set, Ayase was seen diving from a pedestrian bridge several times without using a stuntman to film a scene in which she falls from the bridge.

Giho Musu,” which aired in 2006 and was followed by special editions in 2008 and 2010, is undoubtedly one of Ayase’s best-known works. It is a popular work, and Ayase herself must be putting a lot of effort into this final version. On the other hand, however, there are those who point out that Ayase’s recent leading roles have not been very successful.

In the April season last year, Ayase played the lead role in “The Testament of My Ex” for the first time in Fuji’s Gekkinen series. The original story was a popular mystery and Ayase starred in it, so the film was highly acclaimed, but when it opened, it struggled with a household rating of 7-8%. In the end, the series suffered the humiliation of falling to single digits in the viewer ratings for the first time in five Gekkan 9 series.

The movie “Yes, I Can’t Swim,” which was released in June, also ended its run after only a few weeks without generating much buzz. In this film, Ayase co-stars with Hiroki Hasegawa (46), who played her husband in the “Yae no Sakura” TV drama in 2002. Ayase plays a swimming school instructor, and the fact that she wears a swimsuit for most of the film had some viewers hoping for more. However, the film ranked ninth in terms of attendance in its first week of release, and the following week it was out of the top ten.

The movie “Revolver Lily,” which was released in August of this year, became a hot topic because Ayase plays a dark heroine who used to be a brilliant female spy, but it too ended up with mediocre figures, barely reaching 1 billion yen at the box office. However, the film’s box-office figure was mediocre, barely reaching 1 billion yen.

To begin with, some people dishonorably call Ayase “the woman whose movies don’t hit the big screen. In fact, there have been several films that have grossed over 1 billion yen at the box office, such as “Hotarunohikari” in 2012, but there have been no “blockbusters.

Haruka Ayase’s representative dramas include “Yae no Sakura” (NHK) However, there are no “blockbusters.” Haruka Ayase’s representative works include “Yae no Sakura” (NHK), “Mother-in-law and Daughter Blues,” and “Heaven and Hell: Two Psychos” (TBS), but many people may be confused when asked about her representative works in movies. Incidentally, “Oppai Volleyball,” which became a topic of conversation because of its title, earned only 530 million yen at the box office.

Whenever Ayase appears in a film, she herself will appear on variety shows to promote the film before its release, and her appearance will spread on the Internet. This may amplify the image of the film as a “flop. It is also not that Ayase does not look attractive on screen. Many people who actually went to see the movie said, “Haruka Ayase was good, but….

Legend & Butterfly,” which is said to have poured an unprecedented 2 billion yen into the total production cost as a commemorative film for Toei’s 70th anniversary, was said to be in the red with a box-office revenue of about 2 billion yen. In the same film, Ayase, who played the role of Nobunaga, played by Takuya Kimura (50), completely eclipsed the leading role in the scene where she assembles Nobunaga, played by Takuya Kimura (50), on their wedding night, and some said, “I wish Ayase had played the leading role.

Also, in the recent “Revolver Lily,” Ayase’s heroine received rave reviews, including from experts, regarding her action scenes. However, there was a lot of story part, which was unsatisfactory for those who went expecting a dark heroine action action action drama.

Ms. Ayase herself gives the impression that she has been positively tackling action since she entered her 30s, such as in “The Wife is a Handler” (’17), in which she played a housewife who was a former special agent. I think it would be possible for her to swing into the role of an action heroine like in Marvel movies.

Ayase, who did 200 push-ups every day for “The Guardian of the Spirit” (NHK, ’16-’18) and 100 sit-ups every day for “Gimomusu,” may be able to do that.

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Holding a bouquet of flowers, he dives unexpectedly when he thinks he is walking on a pedestrian bridge! (October ’23)
He was not satisfied with his performance and repeatedly dived into the water.
In September 2011, she again charmed the audience at the Aizu Festival, which she has attended almost every year because of “Yae’s Sakura”.
At the cast presentation of “Revolver Lily,” he showed off his well-trained back (February 2011).
Showing off her beautiful décolleté and divine style in “Legend & Butterfly” (January ’23)
Wearing knitwear in a Uniqlo commercial shoot. At the time, she was in the middle of filming “Revolver Lily” (October 28 and November 4, ’22).
On location for “Heaven and Hell: Two Psychos” (TBS). She was smiling even on a pedestrian bridge in the middle of winter (January ’21).
Dashing down a slope with Moeka Kamihiraishi on location for the first special drama of “Ghibomusu” (November ’19).
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