Haruka Igawa Will Appear in “Sunday Gekijo”! Inside are Collection of Her Beautiful Images: “Graceful ice fall” and Younger Haruka | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Igawa Will Appear in “Sunday Gekijo”! Inside are Collection of Her Beautiful Images: “Graceful ice fall” and Younger Haruka

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Haruka Igawa fell down at a commercial presentation on ice in ’11 (March 11, ’11 issue).

Haruka Igawa (47) will appear in the October season drama “Gekkokujo Kyuji” (TBS) starring Ryohei Suzuki (40).

“Gekkokujo Kyuji” is a human drama that depicts the problems faced by education, community, and family in modern society, as well as various kinds of love, through high school baseball. Suzuki plays the role of Osamuji Nagumo, a passionate social studies teacher who aims for success as the advisor of a weak baseball team on the verge of being discontinued, and Igawa plays his wife, Mika Nagumo. Igawa is,

She is a vivacious and lively character who grew up in a fishing town in Mie,” said Igawa. I hope to be able to support everyone as a “mother.

I hope to support everyone as a ‘mother'”, she commented.

She made her debut as a “Toyobo Swimsuit Summer Campaign Girl” in 1999, and became a popular gravure model in 2000 when she was chosen as an image character for Asahi Beer. At that time, the word “healing” was in vogue, and the term “healing” became a byword for Ikawa because it matched her soft and gentle image perfectly. It was said that just by appearing on the cover of a magazine or in gravure, the circulation of the magazine would increase.

FRIDAY” paid attention to her from the time of her debut. She has appeared many times in the magazine’s photogravure section, but she has also appeared in a number of other events, such as the launch of a new Sapporo Beer commercial at an outdoor skating rink in 2011, in a plump and sexy one-piece, and in a convenience store shopping spree, which she described as “healing. IKAWA We would like to show you Haruka Igawa’s “healing power” again in these treasured photos.

She looks beautiful even when she falls down on the ice!

Watch out! Haruka Igawa slipped and fell on the ice. In February 2011, she appeared with Kei Tanaka (39) at the launch of the new commercial for Sapporo Beer’s “Silk Evisu” at an outdoor skating rink. After wowing the audience with their talk show, she inadvertently walked on an uncarpeted section of ice when getting off stage for a photo shoot, and fell over.

I balanced myself nicely with my left hand, so it wasn’t serious. She was so bright that even the moment of her fall seemed beautiful. She was smiling during the photo session afterward, and it was a great comfort to me.

Igawa married a fashion designer, Yoh Matsumoto, who is 14 years older than her, in 2006, and they had a baby girl in 2009 and a son in 2010. She gave birth to a girl in 2009 and a boy in 2012. She is currently active as a mother actress with two children. In the January season of “Trap’s War” this year, she played the wife of the main character, and her passionate performance as a mother who cares for her son who was written into an accident is still fresh in her memory. She is said to be playing the role of a cool “mother” in “Gekkokujo Kyuuji,” and we can expect her to become even more active as a beautiful “mother actress” in the future.

Igawa appeared as a student on NHK’s “French Conversation. Everyone was “healed” by her smile (April 6, 2001 issue).
At the “graduation” press conference for the popular cooking show in which she appeared regularly (May 3, 2002 issue)
A slightly plumped-up Igawa at the completion announcement preview of the movie “JYUKAI” (March 25, 2005 issue)
Igawa (center) in “Koi no Karafuda Drama Special III” (NTV). With Tomosakarie (left) and Rie Mimura (right) (October 6, ’06 issue)
Igawa at the opening day greeting for the movie “Suirei Mizuchi” (June 16, ’06 issue).

Haruka Igawa just before her fall at a commercial presentation on the ice in ’11 (March 11, ’11 issue)
She is also seen buying lunch at a convenience store (September 27, ’13 issue)
Shopping at a bakery (September 30, ’16 issue)
Igawa leaves the venue after playing a major role as a presenter at the “2019 Holland’s Award” ceremony (February ’19).
We ran into Igawa during the filming of a TV drama in Ueno, Tokyo. Here, too, he has a healing smile (June 24, ’22 and July 1, ’22 issues).
Igawa during the filming of “Trap’s War” (Fuji Television Network) (December 30, ’22 issue)
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