“Do You Understand Me, You Son of a Bitch?” –A 53-year-old Thai National Stabbed a Japanese Man to Death in Downtown Yokohama – Horrifying Motive for the Crime | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Do You Understand Me, You Son of a Bitch?” –A 53-year-old Thai National Stabbed a Japanese Man to Death in Downtown Yokohama – Horrifying Motive for the Crime

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Arrested suspect Lunroe.


You hear me, you son of a bitch?

Stop it! Stop!

Multiple angry shouts echoed through the downtown area at night. When the man pulled out a knife-like blade, the man he was being beaten collapsed. Bright red blood poured from his stomach and chest.

The horrific incident occurred just after 7:30 p.m. on November 2. The location was downtown Naka-ku, Yokohama, about a 10-minute walk from JR Kannai Station. The suspect, Kwankisaroth Rungroe, 53, a restaurant worker of Thai nationality, was arrested by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Isesaki Station on suspicion of murder.

Fresh bloodstains were found at …

It appears that several Japanese and Thai nationals got into trouble in front of the Thai restaurant where the suspect, Rungroe, works. The scene was noisy with the men cursing and yelling. The suspect, who had been grabbed by the hair and beaten, must have felt in fear for his life and could no longer control his reason. He stabbed the Japanese man in the chest and back with a knife he was carrying. Upon receiving a call, paramedics rushed the man to the hospital, where he was soon pronounced dead.

Two other men were stabbed, one of them seriously, but he is said to be alive. There were fresh blood stains at the scene. The suspect denies the crime. “I was in the kitchen at the time of the incident, so I don’t know anything about it,” said the suspect according to a reporter from the social media department of a national newspaper.

The area is lined with Asian restaurants and is known locally as “Thai Town.” Why did the group of Japanese and Thai get into trouble?

A group of drunken Japanese kicked a bicycle in front of the restaurant, and the Thai waiters, including Lung Lo, warned them and an argument ensued. The argument gradually heated up, and seven or eight people became involved.

At first, the Thais were beaten and kicked unilaterally, but Lung Lo fought back with a knife that was in the store. This turned into a murder case. The suspect may have been aware that he was stabbing them in “defense,” but that is no excuse since a human life was lost. He was usually a calm and reputable clerk.  They were not acquainted with each other.

Flowers and drinks were offered at the scene of the man’s death. The police are investigating the details of the incident.

Tall and eye-catching suspect Lung Lo (photo partially doctored)
He was working at a Thai restaurant in Yokohama.
He denies the charges when investigated.
The Thai restaurant where Rungroe worked (photo has been doctored)
Flowers and drinks offered near the crime scene
Blood stains where a man was stabbed to death.
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