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Romance Behind Leaked Photos of “A.B.C.-Z”, “Kiss-My-Ft2”, and “Naniwa Danshi” Members and Sexy Actresses

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H left the restaurant at a different time and joined Hiroaki Ogi in his car, her beautiful legs dazzling.

The “Shukan Bunshun” magazine reported in September that Kento Senga (32) of “Kis-My-Ft2” and Kento Nagao (21) of “Naniwa Danshi” were photographed going to the apartment of Yua Mikami (30). In October, Ryoichi Tsukada (36) of “A.B.C-Z” and Shunka Ayami (30) visited her parents’ house in Hokuriku, which was also scooped by “Shukan Bunshun” (both Mikami and Ayami were former sexy actresses at the time of the report). The story also revealed that Senga and Nagao were in a love triangle.


This is not the first time that a former Johnny’s and a sexy actress have been involved in a love affair. In 2016, Matsumoto Jun (40) of “Arashi” and Aoi Tsukasa (33) and Inoo Satoshi (33) of “Hey! Say! JUMP!”. Going further back, there was also a couple, Go Morita (44) and M (36), reported in 2014.

“The connection between celebrities and sexy actresses has a surprisingly large number of connections. There are many people who attend to celebrities like GaaSsy did in the past. On the actress side, there are cases where the agency actively contacts famous celebrities, and there are also cases where the actress herself is a fan and willingly goes to meet them. Some of them are there for publicity purposes, but it seems that there are fewer of them these days.”

In the past, this magazine has photographed a number of couples between celebrities and sexy actresses. Here are some of them.


Yusuke Santamaria (27 at the time) and sexy actress W (20 at the time) (February 26, 1999 issue)

Yusuke, who had eight regular TV and radio appearances at the time, and W, who was popular for her D-cup big breasts, were spotted on a date in Roppongi, and after walking around in the cold, they took a cab to a sushi restaurant in Minami Aoyama, where they enjoyed a 2.5-hour meal. After enjoying a two-and-a-half-hour meal, they left in separate cabs.

When we later interviewed Yusuke, he commented, “I met her when we worked together on TV, but I have been a fan of [her] work for a long time.” However, since it was difficult for him to ask for her phone number on his own, he asked Beat Takeshi and invited her to dinner for the first time.

At that time, Yusuke said that he would like to have dinner with her again, but it is not certain what happened to the two after that.

Mokomichi Hayami (21 at the time) and sexy actress A (20 at the time) (June 9, 2006 issue)

He appeared in a succession of popular dramas such as “Gokusen” and “Densha Otoko” and was called the “No. 1 young handsome actor” for his neat looks and uniquely Japanese style. He frequented the apartment of A, a sexy actress who had only been working there for six months since her debut. He met her at a cabaret club where she worked before her debut.

At that time, a couple of a handsome actor and a sexy actress in the midst of their breakthrough was quite scandalous. However, Mokomichi seemed to be in a “serious relationship” as he introduced her to his parents.


Tokyo Dynamite’s Jiro Hashimitsu (32 at the time) and Sora Aoi (23 at the time) (December 29, 2006)

Sora Aoi debuted in 2002 and suddenly became a top sexy actress. She was also very active in gravure as “Noodle” with her big breasts that did not match her loli face, and her partner was a “fat blonde” like a wild animal. Hashimitsu Jiro of “Tokyo Dynamite,” a finalist in the 2004 M-1GP and a breakout comedian at the time, drove all the way from Tokyo to a large shopping mall in the suburbs. They were enjoying a friendly shopping date.

At the time, the two were living together, and Aoi was taking care of Hashimitsu from picking him up from school to cooking and washing his clothes.

Hiroaki Ogi (35 at the time) and sexy actress H (22 at the time) (April 6, 2007 issue)

Hiroaki Ogi, then a newlywed, and H, a popular sexy actress, had a date in a private room at a high-class Japanese restaurant. After dinner, they left the restaurant separately at different times and met up again in a car. However, on that day, Ogi only dropped H off at the station.

When this magazine reported this date, Ogi made a desperate defense on his radio program, saying, “I didn’t do anything!”. However, the magazine obtained an email that Ogi sent to H. “I’m thinking of having sex with him if I can!”

Football Hour’s Nozomu Iwao (32 at the time) and sexy actress I (24 at the time) (March 7, 2008 issue)

Nozomu Iwao was ranked No. 1 in Yoshimoto’s “Ugly Ranking” from 2003 to 2005, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was said to have no luck with the ladies, and his date was the cute, loli-faced “Noodle” I.

It all started when I appeared in the movie “Switch,” which Iwao directed in 2007. The appearance in the film was at Iwao’s request. After dating in a group, they had dinner together at the beginning of the year.

She said, “I don’t care if he’s ugly or not! Anyway, Mr. Iwao is a kind and gentle man. He heals me. That’s what attracted me to him.”

That is what I told this magazine. At the time, however, she denied having a relationship with Iwao.

There have been many romances between celebrities and sexy actresses. Even celebrities are men, and sexy actresses are women. 


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Yusuke Santamaria and W
MOKOMICHI HAYAMI heading to his car parked on the street after a 14-hour stay in the sexy actress’s room
Sexy actress A going out from her house wearing a rather conspicuous white top and bottom outfit
Sora Aoi and Jiro Hashimitsu on a date at a suburban shopping mall; the revelation of their relationship seems to have shocked all quarters.
Ogi leaves the store first. She was so cautious that she parked her car on a nearby street and waited for H.
After the publication of this magazine’s article, H was quite depressed when Ogi told him that he had been “set up.”
One cold February day, Nozomi Iwao came home straight from work and went to a hot pot restaurant with I, who was waiting for her in her apartment.
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