Takuya Kimura and his wife, Haruna Kawaguchi… the happy faces of celebrities who took their dogs for a walk | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takuya Kimura and his wife, Haruna Kawaguchi… the happy faces of celebrities who took their dogs for a walk

Autumn Special: Fumi Nikaido, Mirei Kiritani and Shohei Miura, Hiroshi Inaba of B'z......♡♡♡ scenes with their beloved pets!

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Even the biggest celebrities can’t help but smile in front of their cute pets. FRIDAY has witnessed many celebrities enjoying a walk with their dogs.

On April 12 this year, Takuya Kimura (48) and Shizuka Kudo (51) were walking their Australian Labradoodle “Amour” and Old English Sheepdog “Etoile” at Yebisu Garden Place.

Takuya Kimura (48) and Shizuka Kudo (51)

In April this year, Mr. and Mrs. Kimura enjoy a walk while taking turns eating a single ice cream. Even after 21 years of marriage, they are still as lovey-dovey as when they first got married. Australian Labradoodle

Takuya Kimura is one of Johnny’s biggest dog lovers and walks his dog every day. In addition to his wife, Shizuka, he also takes his daughters out for walks on some days, and it seems to be a valuable place for the family to communicate.

Pets can also sometimes become cupids for their owners’ love. Mirei Kiritani (31) says she decided to marry Shohei Miura (33) after seeing him taking his dog “Patora” for a brisk walk, and FRIDAY spotted the two with “Patora” (9th photo) after their marriage. FRIDAY spotted the couple with “Patora” (9th photo) after their marriage, enjoying a leisurely stroll at the dog’s walking speed.

We also caught Haruna Kawaguchi (26, 3rd photo) enjoying a shopping date with her boyfriend and his dog, and Hiroshi Inaba of B’z (57, 6th photo) walking his wife and dogs under the cold weather. Inaba is a big dog lover, and the melody of his song “Typhoon mo kuriyai” came to mind while he was walking his dog, and the song includes the sound of Inaba’s dog.

Enjoy the happy faces of celebrities spending time with their dogs.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (28), Shonoyuki Hayama (25)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (28) and Shoyuki Hayama (25) Maltese and Toy Poodle (Malupu)

In August ’20, she walks “Ame” with her boyfriend Hayama. There was a scene where Kyary talked to her dog and said, “Here we go.

Haruna Kawaguchi(26) Yusuke Yachi(31)

Haruna Kawaguchi(26) Yusuke Yachi(31) French Bulldog

In May ’20, Kawaguchi walks her dog, Amu, with a martial artist who is rumored to be on the verge of marriage. Kawaguchi says that his dog’s whimsical and pampered nature is cute.

Shuntaro Yanagi (30) NANAMI (27)

Shuntaro Yanagi (30) NANAMI (27) Mixed

In May of this year, NANAMI is walking Yanagi’s dog “Mary” with a leash. Both of them have dogs, and they hit it off.

Kota Yonekura(27) Fumi Nikaido(27)

Kota Yonekura(27) Fumi Nikaido(27)

In October ’17, I walked with Yonekura, a model and filmmaker, in an upscale residential area in Tokyo. A Shiba Inu (Japanese Shiba Inu) wearing a red sweater was hugging Nikaido’s chest and pampering him.

Fumi Nikaido (27), left: Shiba Inu, right: Jack Russell Terrier

Nikaido is known as an animal lover, and in addition to her own dogs, cats, and ferrets, she was also taking care of two shelter dogs until a foster home could be found.


Becky (37) Italian Greyhound

Oichi” walks with Becky in August ’20. She is the pet dog of her husband, Haruhiro Kataoka (38), but is said to be fond of Becky’s parents and sister.

Mao Inoue (34)

Mao Inoue (34) Boston Terrier

In July ’18, “Hug” was so happy to go for a walk that he wagged his tail vigorously and jumped up and down after Inoue.

Mirei Kiritani(31) Shohei Miura(33)

Mirei Kiritani (31) and Shohei Miura (33) Chihuahua and Toy Poodle (Chihuapoo)

In early March ’20, a year and a half after their marriage, Kiritani was pregnant. Their first child was born in July last year, and they became a family of four, including their dog.

Nao (26)

Nao (26) Chihuahua

In September this year, Nao, who has been extremely busy, enjoyed taking a walk with her long-coated Chihuahua, “Uotani-san” or “Fish-chan” in her spare time after work.

Kanna Hashimoto (22)

Kanna Hashimoto (22) Yorkshire Terrier

In October this year, she went for a walk with her beloved Yorkshire terrier and a talent dog from Hashimoto’s office. In her personal clothing, she made and wears a printed T-shirt of her dog.

Christel Takigawa(44) Shinjiro Koizumi(40)

Christel Takigawa (44) Shinjiro Koizumi (40) Labrador Retriever

Mr. and Mrs. Koizumi carry their baby in their arms as they head to an Italian restaurant in November ’20. Behind them, two strong SPs were escorting them.

Masayuki Sakamoto(50)

Masayuki Sakamoto (50), Maltese x Pekinese (Maruchin)

Sakamoto walks with his dog, Pecho, in July of this year. He is also very fond of his girlfriend, actress Hikaru Asami (49), and she sometimes walks him.

Hoshi Mori(29)

Hoshi Mori (29) Chihuahua

In July ’19, Hoshi comes out with “Tino” from the pet store run by her sister Izumi Mori (39), an animal lover. She stroked her dog’s head repeatedly in a loving manner.

From “FRIDAY” November 26, 2021 issue

  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takayuki Ogawauchi, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima, Emi Tachihara, Toyoho Nakano, Keisuke Nishi, Shu Nishihara, Ippei Hara, Kojiro Yamada

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