With a wild actor who can “be himself”…Celebrating pregnancy, May J.’s pre-wedding “umbrella & hand-holding date” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With a wild actor who can “be himself”…Celebrating pregnancy, May J.’s pre-wedding “umbrella & hand-holding date” photos

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June ’14, before her marriage. May J. walking with her boyfriend, who will become her husband, arm in arm, under a shared umbrella.

She is now at peace in mind and body, and we can only hope that the baby will be born safely.

On May 12, May J. (34), the singer who made her breakthrough with the theme song of the blockbuster movie “Anna and the Snow Queen,” reported on her official website that she is expecting her first child. She also wrote the following about her future activities.

I will continue to sing as hard as I can with what I feel from this new experience.

May J. announced her marriage last June. She is married to Shogen (44), a wild actor 10 years her senior. The couple had been dating for about nine years before reaching the goal.

May J. is from an American school. She is fluent in English and has an international outlook. Her partner, Shogen, is also an internationalist who trained in New York to step up as an actor. He is also active as a model in Europe, and the two were a perfect match from the time they first met.

FRIDAY” (July 4, 2002 issue) witnessed the two on a date shortly after they started dating. In the pouring rain, they were holding hands firmly under a shared umbrella. …… We would like to re-record and look back on their happy trajectory (some contents have been modified).

The meeting place was “Origin Bento.

On a night in June ’14, May J. and Shogen were walking in Tokyo in a light rain. Holding hands without an umbrella, they made no pretense of caring about the rain. Perhaps it was a bit chilly, but when waiting at a traffic light, Shogen hugged May J. and rubbed her back. About two hours prior to this, the two friendly people had met up at …….

It’s ‘Origin Bento. I felt at first glance that she was not an ordinary person because of her overwhelming aura. The woman was full of transparency. The man was dressed wildly, with his long, unkempt hair and sandals,” said a customer who was there.

The two bought some side dishes at a bento store. As they started walking with their umbrellas, May J. slipped her hand under Shogen’s right arm. May J. and Shogen then went to the gym to work out. Shogen was the one with whom she could be “just as she is.

Nine years have passed since we caught them on a heated date, and the two have continued to nurture their love and have given birth to a new life. Please live happily together as a family for a long time!

May J. and Shogen walk down the street at night holding hands. Taken in June ’14.
Surprising commoners meeting at a bento store. Taken in June ’14.
This photo was taken in October ’17. The two of them buying food at a supermarket in Tokyo.
Shogen holds May J. by the shoulders as they make their way home. Taken in June ’14.
  • Photography Sota Shima Yasuko Sakaguchi

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