Takuya Kimura, who signed a contract as an agent after “Johnny’s” disappeared, “has no backing,” but this is a positive thing. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takuya Kimura, who signed a contract as an agent after “Johnny’s” disappeared, “has no backing,” but this is a positive thing.

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Takuya Kimura has announced that he has signed an agent contract with a “new company” at Johnny’s. ……

Johnny’s, which has been in an increasingly difficult position due to the revelation of the “NG list,” has changed its name and “disappeared. However, it will be some time before all the issues related to the “sexual assault” of Mr. Kitagawa will be resolved.

In the meantime, the departure of “Mr. Johnny’s” Takuya Kimura is attracting attention.

In the October 5 issue of “Shukan Bunshun,” it was reported that Kimura was not only opposed to Johnny’s’s name change until the very end, but that he was also planning to become independent.

The office subsequently issued a comment saying, “All of the information contained in the report is untrue.

The office later released a comment saying, “All of the information in the article is untrue. The Johnny’s’s office is known for not commenting on such reports in the weekly magazines, but they must have been very angry.

The reason is that when the report came out, it was as if they were saying, “We’re not going to comment on this,

“Is he going to betray us again, just like he did when SMAP broke up?

When the report came out, the Internet was flooded with comments treating him as a “traitor,” such as, “Will he betray us again?

If he is seen not only as a traitor, but also as a “worldly-wise” person, his image will surely be damaged. He would never make the same mistake again, so it is hard to imagine him committing such a foolish act.

In the first place, there is no reason why he should leave the office at this point in time. The “Johnny’s” office will disappear. …… Even if they keep quiet, all of their talents will temporarily cease to belong to Johnny’s and become freelance.

In the case of Mr. Kimura, if he leaves now, he will be accused of being ungrateful and a traitor not only by anti-Kimutaku fans but also by his fans. I’m sure he is well aware of that.

Kimura also has a mentor in Shizuka Kudo. The “Bunshun” report says that Shizuka consulted with the show business don, but it is hard to believe that the “smart” woman would encourage Kimura to leave the group.

In fact, in a statement from the office denying the “Bunshun” report, it says

We are extremely distressed that such an article has appeared while we were planning to sign an agent contract with a newly established company as soon as it is ready.

The statement indicates that Kimura is certain to sign an agent contract with the new firm.

In the case of an agent contract, the office handles sales and fee negotiations, but all other management tasks must be done by the individual. In the event of a scandal, he would also have to deal with the media and other problems on his own.

Kimura is an expert in crisis management, so there is no danger of a scandal, but what is being said now is that “Kimura’s popularity is not as great as it once was, and he has to deal with the media and other problems on his own,

Kimura’s popularity is not as great as it used to be, and dramas in which he stars are not getting the ratings they should. His movies are also not making it to the big time. I wonder if he will be able to do as well as he has in the past if he no longer has the backing of Johnny’s. I think there is a lot of cause for concern. I think there are many reasons for concern.

On the other hand, there are those who hope that Kimura can use this opportunity to make a big change.

Kimura has always starred in dramas and movies, except for when he was younger,” said a TV magazine reporter. “Kimura has always played the lead in dramas and movies, except when he was younger. I’m sure he wanted to do that at first, but it was definitely the policy of his office.

However, he was ridiculed by the public as “Kimura no matter what he does,” and he was concerned about it. Now that he is free from the spell of Johnny’s and Merry’s, he has recently started to play unlikable roles such as the cold-hearted instructor Kimichika Kazama in “Kyobo” (Fuji TV series), but I don’t think he has yet broken free of the “cool” roles. I don’t think he has yet moved on from ‘cool’ roles,” said a movie producer.

Many years ago, I was on an information program,

I was thinking, “Like Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, it would be interesting if you played not only heroes but also villains like popular foreign actors, such as cold-blooded criminals and irredeemable bad guys. I am sure his acting range would expand and he would become even more popular.

When he commented, “I think it would be interesting to play a villainous role, such as a cold-blooded, ruthless criminal, or a hopeless villain. According to a fan, “Kimura-san is not the right person to play such a role,

Kimura-san is the best suited to play the role of a hero. Kimura-san looks best as a hero.

Fans’ support is appreciated, but sometimes it can be a hindrance.

It is very possible that the office and the actor himself were putting the fans’ feelings first. From now on, however, he is free to choose the work he wants to do.

If Mr. Kimura is so inclined, he can play both criminals and homeless people. He wants to do this kind of work. He can tell his agent’s office, and the office can look for work according to his request. ……

There are other popular actors, veteran actors, and even Johnny’s talents who are willing to perform on the side. If Mr. Kimura is okay with that, his range of work will expand as well.

If this is the case, an agent contract is not a disadvantage for Kimura. He may become Shin Kimura and gain new fans. ……

  • Interview and text by Hiroyuki Sasaki (entertainment journalist) Hiroyuki Sasaki (Entertainment Journalist)

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Kimura Takuya became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time at FRIDAY and later working mainly for weekly magazines. Currently, he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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