Announced the divorce of Natsumi Uga Anna! This magazine took a picture of her in sexy tights “attending the home of a handsome employee of Asahi Shimbun”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Announced the divorce of Natsumi Uga Anna! This magazine took a picture of her in sexy tights “attending the home of a handsome employee of Asahi Shimbun”.

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Hotly in love with Natsumi Uga, Anna. Shopping in sexy tights (February 21, ’14 issue)

I’m sorry to inform you all of a sudden, but I’m divorced.”

Freelance announcer Natsumi Uga (37) updated her Instagram to report that she has divorced. The instagram was accompanied by a photo of the sun in the autumn sky, followed by the opening words,

After many discussions over time, we have decided to go our separate ways for the sake of both of us.”

Uga has been a member of the Japanese media since 2005, and has been a member of the Japanese media since 2005. Uga got married in May ’17. Her ex-husband was a classmate of hers at Rikkyo University.

The man is so handsome that he was an exclusive model for a fashion magazine for male university students when he was a student. We were friends when we were students, but we met again four years after graduation, and that is how our relationship developed. After graduating from college, the man joined the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. He was a talented salesman working at the Tokyo headquarters,” said an acquaintance of Uga.

Uga joined TV Asahi in 2009. On the day she joined TV Asahi, she made her debut as the second weather caster for “News Station,” and in April 2002, she became the host of the morning information program “Good! Morning” in April 2002. FRIDAY” scooped their love affair about two and a half months earlier, in mid-January 2002. Let’s take a look back at how Uga, who was the most popular female announcer at TV Asahi both in name and reality, frequented her boyfriend’s house.

Wearing “sexy tights” to her boyfriend’s house

It was a late Friday night in mid-January. Uga was wearing a skirt with a zipper and black tights. She took a cab from the TV station to a residential area far from the city center, stopped at a convenience store, and entered a three-story apartment building.

When Uga emerged from the apartment a little after 10:00 a.m., she was wearing exactly the same clothes as yesterday and appeared to be almost completely clean. In fact, this apartment is the home of her boyfriend, whom Uga visits at the end of each program. In other words, she was returning home in the morning after a “sleepover.

This was not the only time this magazine witnessed Uga’s “weekend sleepover.

On another Friday night, Uga was dressed in a “carnivorous” outfit. Wearing a long coat and black patterned tights, she exuded a glamorous atmosphere. She stopped at a supermarket and bought cheese, wine, and four cans of beer before arriving at her boyfriend’s apartment. She took a duplicate key from her bag and went inside.

Uga is a talented woman with a reputation for her reporting skills, having visited the scene of the crime many times. She is such a serious person, so it is understandable that she chose a media person with whom she can share the same concerns,” said a TV Asahi source.

It was three years later that the two got married. On March 27 of this year, she appeared as a guest on “Suddenly, May I Tell Your Luck? (Fuji Television Network), about her husband,

Yes. I really think (my husband) spoils me.

I have hardly ever been denied or restricted. I’ve never been denied or restricted.

Uga was so relaxed about her ex-husband on her Instagram. Uga talked about her ex-husband on Instagram,

I am truly grateful to him for the many sights we have seen together over the past 10 years, including the time we were dating. Looking back again, we had a really happy marriage. From now on, we talk about being good friends and helping each other out when needed.”

She wrote, and her social networking sites are filled with words of encouragement for her. Uga’s popularity has not waned since going freelance, and we wish her all the best for the future.

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Natsumi Uga heading to her boyfriend’s house after appearing on “News Station” (February 21, ’14)
Going home in the morning from her boyfriend’s house (February 21, ’14 issue)
Her ex-husband was a very handsome former model (February 21, ’14 issue)
Announcer Natsumi Uga on her way home in the morning from her boyfriend’s house (February 21, ’14 issue)
Announcers Ayaka Hironaka (center), who joined the company in ’13, and Yue Takeuchi (right), who joined in ’08
Announcer Natsumi Uga posting on her Instagram four days before the divorce announcement (from her Instagram @natsumi_uga)
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