Unexpected Johnny’s Talent” is more highly rated by “industry insiders” than “Kazuya Ninomiya” and “Ren Meguro. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unexpected Johnny’s Talent” is more highly rated by “industry insiders” than “Kazuya Ninomiya” and “Ren Meguro.

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Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” (left) and Ren Meguro of “Snow Man” are outstandingly popular among Johnny’s. ……

Johnny’s changed its name to “SMILE-UP.” as of October 17. The company will only provide compensation services for the late Janie Kitagawa’s sex victims.

The talent will be independent, either individually or as a group, and will sign an agent contract with the new company, but this is not likely to go smoothly. Some, like former V6 member Junichi Okada, who left Johnny’s earlier than others, will be seeking to pursue their own activities without being restricted by the old Johnny’s. On the other hand, some Jr.

On the other hand, the Jr. group that has not yet debuted does not really know what to do. According to a reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper

Until now, they had the golden sign “Johnny’s,” but now they can no longer use it, and their barter appearances will also be drastically reduced. The agency has explained the agent contract to them, but many of the Jr.

It is unknown whether the new company will be able to function or not.

It is unknown whether the new company will be able to function.

Some in the industry say, “If that’s the case, it would be better to do a Johnny’s Draft.

If that is the case, who will be in contention? If that were to happen, who would be in the competition?

The most popular actor is Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” fame.

He was asked to play a major role in the TBS drama “VIVANT” last season, and he is also starring in Fuji’s “One Day: Seiyoru no Kara no KARAKUZA~”, a triple starring role along with Osawa Takao and Nakatani Miki in the “One Day: Seiyoru no Kara no KARAKUZA~”, a “Tsuki 9” drama starting in October. His talent as an actor is impeccable, and it is no surprise that production companies are eager to have him on their roster.

An entertainment manager who has worked with Ninomiya said, “In a word, he is a genius.

In a word, he is a genius. He is the type of actor who comes to a scene on the spur of the moment, gives a perfect performance, and leaves.

In the dressing room, all he does is play smartphone games, but when the work switch is turned on, he becomes more focused. I can’t imagine anyone else doing the same.

He is a very good actor.

If we could get him through the draft, he would be an immediate asset, but on the other hand, he is not the type of person who gives orders to the office.

On the other hand, he is the type who gives orders to the office. When a negative report came out about his current wife, he went to Johnny’s s office and protested, saying, ‘Why don’t you stop (the report)! I heard that he protested to the Johnny’s office and asked them, ‘Why don’t you stop (the reports)?

If we are talking about female popularity, it would be Meguro Ren of “Snow Man.

He is 185 centimeters tall with a sweet mask. He also has a good personality.

He is polite and has no misunderstandings characteristic of a successful actor,” said a person involved in the movie industry.

(a person involved in the film industry).

His outstanding style has led to offers for various modeling jobs, and as an actor, “silent” (Fuji TV) and “Trillion Game” (TBS) have been well-received, so we can expect great things from him.

He was particularly well-received for his performance in “silent,” which even industry insiders called “Meguro’s” performance “a real eye-catcher. The performance in ‘silent’ was particularly well-received, and it made industry insiders think, ‘Meguro can act in a play, too. His popularity among women is also outstanding, and his mere presence will enrich the office.

A senior executive at an entertainment company said, “He is very popular among women.

Among those who have not yet debuted, Yoshinori Shozumi of the “Ae! group is called a “gem.

Recently, Johnny’s has been more interested in “Masakado” than in “Naniwa Danshi. There are many enthusiastic fans, and it is rumored that Masakado can fill a venue with several thousand people by himself.

Finally, there is Fuma Kikuchi of Sexy Zone. As a matter of fact, people from various production companies have told us that they “want him more than Ninomiya and Meguro.

“I want him more than Ninomiya and Meguro.

Kikuchi is the one who was said to be “more desirable than Ninomiya and Meguro” by the people in charge of various production companies. In the past few years, Kikuchi has been making a name for himself in music, variety shows, acting, and other areas. He is also famous for being the only “janitare” in the Johnny’s office who can take his clothes off.

A manager at a major production company commented on Kikuchi’s greatness.

He is actually very good at acting. People around him recommend that he should just be an actor, but I hear that he wants to do variety shows as well.

He is the type of person who teases his co-star Jr. on set and is a mood-maker. Everyone who has worked with him says, ‘He’s not just a player,’ and ‘This will sell,'” he says.

He is not just a player,” he says.

On the other hand, Takuya Kimura, who is a symbol of Johnny’s

“He’s completely ready, so there’s nothing strange about him,” he says.

I don’t have confidence in my ability to control him.

These are the opinions of many people at …….

Who will survive the collapse of the Johnny’s empire?

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