The first scoop was a “date with Kenji Sakaguchi arm-in-arm” in 2002… Koyuki’s first appearance in NHK’s morning drama, a beautiful photo of her true face. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The first scoop was a “date with Kenji Sakaguchi arm-in-arm” in 2002… Koyuki’s first appearance in NHK’s morning drama, a beautiful photo of her true face.

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Koyuki and Kenji Sakaguchi’s passionate love scoop (December 20, ’02 issue)

I was very nervous because it was my first morning drama and it was filmed at the Osaka station, but with the support of all the performers and staff, I was able to go about filming in a warm atmosphere.”

Actress Koyuki (46) made the comment at the beginning of this article after it was announced that she would be appearing in NHK’s morning television series “Boogie Woogie,” which started on October 2. She will play the role of Tomi Murayama, the mother of Aisuke Murayama, the beloved son of Suzuko Murayama, played by Shuri (33), and the president of Murayama Kogyo, a Kansai woman who has grown the company into one of Japan’s leading entertainment companies with the help of a woman. This is Koyuki’s first appearance in a morning drama. This will be Koyuki’s first appearance in a morning drama and her first TV drama in three and a half years.

Koyuki debuted as an actress in 1998 and became popular after she played the role of Kimura Taku’s former lover in “Beautiful Life” (TBS). In 2003, she was chosen to play the heroine in the movie “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise.

There were whispers that she might make her Hollywood debut, but she married Kenichi Matsuyama (38) in 2011. They have three children. In the past few years, she has appeared mainly in one-off dramas while prioritizing her family. Last year, she starred in a movie for the first time in seven years with “Sakura-iro no Kaze ga Saku” (The Cherry Color Wind Blossoms). She is expected to increase her acting work in the future.

Starting with Koyuki’s first love scoop in 2002, “Date with Kenji Sakaguchi,” “FRIDAY” has published many beautiful images of Koyuki, including her bold costumes at events and her happy parent-child walk with Kenichi Matsuyama. We would like to introduce Koyuki’s charms with these treasured photos.

Friends” in a drama series “arm-in-arm date → sleepover love

It was in late November that we found Koyuki and Kenji Sakaguchi (47), who co-starred in the popular drama “Astronomical Observation” (Fuji TV) that aired until September 2002, on a date arm-in-arm. In the drama, the two were attracted to each other but were unable to express their feelings, and ended up remaining friends, but in real life, they were firmly in love.

At the time, Sakaguchi was a young actor who was so popular among women that he was voted the “No. 1 man I want to be hugged. Koyuki, on the other hand, was a top actress with her movie “The Last Samurai” about to be released.

Walking along the street at night, the two went to Sakaguchi’s house. Koyuki stayed over, and the next night, Sakaguchi visited Koyuki’s house. Thus, the two went back and forth to each other’s homes two or three times a week, but three years later, they broke up. It is said that this was due to a difference of feelings between Sakaguchi, who wanted to start a family soon, and Koyuki, who still wanted to continue working.

Koyuki is now building a happy family with Matsuyama. Now that she has finished raising her children, she is expected to be even more active as an actress in the future.

Koyuki and Kenji Sakaguchi walking while looking at each other (December 20, ’02 issue)
Koyuki at the launch of the new TV model for which she was a commercial model (September 16, 2005 issue)
Sushi restaurant date with a handsome foreigner (June 8, ’07 issue)
Koyuki looking tipsy at the launch of the drama “Barren Zone” (Fuji TV) (April 9, 2010 issue)
Koyuki posing boldly at a jewelry brand event (October 1, 2010 issue)
First shot of a married couple since joining the family (May 6, 2011 issue)
The first shot of the couple after they joined the family register (May 6, 2011 issue)
Eight months after the birth of her first son, she was pregnant with her second child and her belly was plump (September 21, ’12 issue)
Walking with Kenichi Matsuyama holding their second child (March 1, ’13 issue)
Koyuki and her sister Yayoi (right) holding their child (May 25, ’18 issue)
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