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Women’s Golf Inami vs. Furue: The Battle for the First Prize Money Queen

The women's golf tour has finally reached its climax, with only two matches remaining, 18 million yen for the next round and 30 million yen for the final round. The difference between the two is 1,696,474 yen.

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Inami won the Ito En Ladies on November 14 for her ninth victory of the season. 166 cm, average distance of 238 yards with driver (Photo: Getty Images)

The battle for the prize money queen is now down to these two. Inami won the Ito En Ladies, which concluded on November 14. There are only two matches left. Inami, who is currently in first place in the money list, has earned 253,152,049 yen and is 16,968,474 yen behind Furue in second place. However, the final round of the Ricoh Cup, which starts on November 25, has a winner’s prize of 30 million yen. We won’t know until the very end. Who will win?

Yuko Moriguchi, a professional golfer and commentator who has won a total of 41 tournaments on the tour, continues, “Inami has the edge.

He has been very consistent this year. Even if Mr. Furue wins the rest of his matches, I think there is a high probability that Mr. Inami will finish in second or third place and escape with the total. Mr. Inami has even mentioned his goal of “becoming a warrior. Right now, I’m in a good balance of mind and technique.

Commentator Fumiko Muraguchi, who was the 99th prize winner, agrees.

The first thing Inami does is not miss the green. On the final day of the Itoen Ladies, the pin position was difficult and the wind was strong, but Inami had a surprisingly flawless approach. On the 17th hole, a par 3 over the lake, he had a great sense of vertical distance and his swing speed and rhythm were the same, so he didn’t get out of sync. If he plays like that in the rest of his games, it might be a little difficult for me to catch up.

Inami, a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, is definitely in the running. Her average stroke rate of 69.99 is the only one in the 60s among women. In addition, her par save percentage is over 90%. She is the only woman with a stroke average of 69.99, and her par save percentage is over 90%, so she has no weaknesses.

If you look at the numbers, Inami has the upper hand, but there are a few things in Furue’s favor, and a major upset is possible. First of all, Furue has the highest number of eagles this season with 11. In other words, he is playing aggressive golf, and it is working for him this season. And that means the remaining matches are the ‘Daio Paper Eriere Ladies’ and the ‘Ricoh Cup’.

In the Elleair, Inami has failed to qualify for two consecutive years, while Furue finished fourth the year before last and won last year. In the Ricoh Cup, Inami was ranked 30th the year before last and 15th last year. In the Ricoh Cup, Inami finished 30th the year before last and 15th last year, while Furue finished second for the second year in a row.

Inami is ranked 30th the year before and 15th last year. At least Furue is aware of this, so it will be interesting.

This is going to be a great match.

The Miyazaki Country Club, where the final round will be held, is very difficult because the greens are high grass and have a habitual grain. In the past, Yuri Fudo missed a 1-meter putt on the final hole, and Miho Koga turned the tables and became the money winner.

What kind of drama will be created this year?

Furue has been in good form since the fall, winning three of her last five tournaments (six wins this season). 153 cm, average driving distance 232 yards (Photo: Getty Images)
Furue (left) and Inami (center) chatting between rounds. Furue (left) and Inami (center) chatting between plays. On the far right is Sakura Kosugi (23), who is ranked third on the money list. They are all of the same generation.

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