Miho Koga, Momoko Ueda, Hinako Shibuno…Erika Hara and Murakami are not the only “female golfers” with hot dates. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miho Koga, Momoko Ueda, Hinako Shibuno…Erika Hara and Murakami are not the only “female golfers” with hot dates.

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Miho Koga and Tsuyoshi Nishioka shopping at a convenience store in Tokyo (from the April 25, ’08 issue).

I know there’s a lot of information out there, but please trust me and follow me. Please trust me and follow me.”

Yakult’s Munetaka Murakami (23), who hit a two-run shot against DeNA on April 11, smiled as he stood on the podium.

Murakami pointed to “various information” about his love affair with golfer Erika Hara (24), as reported in the April 25 issue of “Josei Jishin” (Women’s Journal of Japan). Before the match on the same day, Murakami said of Hara, “I support her as an athlete. She is one of my good friends. Hara, who was participating in the U.S. Women’s Tour, was directly interviewed by “ALBA Net,” a comprehensive golf website, and said, “I’m rooting for her a lot! I’m really rooting for her!

FRIDAY” has often witnessed the scene of passionate love affairs between female golfers. Miho Koga (40), Momoko Ueda (36), Hinako Shibuno (24), Rikako Morita (33), and Sakura Yokomine (37). …… Here are some of the top female athletes you won’t see on the course, in these treasured photos.

“I like being next to Tsuyoshi.”

Koga gets into the passenger seat of Nishioka’s car. After this, they headed to Nishioka’s apartment (from the April 25, 2008 issue).

The April 25, 2008 issue of this magazine reported the date between Koga and Tsuyoshi Nishioka (then with Chiba Lotte).

Nishioka drove to a motsu-nabe restaurant in Tokyo with an elderly couple and a young man in his car. A woman in a mini one-piece dress and colored stockings arrived at the restaurant late. It was Koga, who was glamorously dressed.

At the time, the two had been appearing together on variety shows and at events,” Koga said. Koga was very appealing, saying, ‘I like Tsuyoshi’s side,’ and ‘He’s a nice guy. She made no attempt to hide her fondness for Mr. Nishioka.

The group came out of the motsu nabe restaurant about an hour after entering. Nishioka drove his car again, carrying Koga, an elderly couple, and a young man to his apartment. The elderly couple left the apartment after a few minutes, but Koga did not show up until the next morning.

The older couple was apparently Ms. Nishioka’s parents, and since meeting them alone would have caused some controversy, they were having dinner with Koga and her family.

Family members together, indeed. This magazine also witnessed Nishioka visiting Koga’s apartment on another day. They had built a good relationship thanks to Koga’s approach.

The female golfers showed a different face to this magazine from their stern expressions during a round of golf. In front of their partners, they naturally smile happily.

Koga and Nishioka stopping by a convenience store after a meal at a motsu nabe restaurant (from the April 25, ’08 issue).
A photo of Momoko Ueda and a handsome man holding hands on a date taken in March ’19.’ They announced their marriage in June ’21.
A photo of Momoko Ueda and a handsome man on a hand-holding date taken in March ’19. They announced their marriage in June ’21.
Ueda and a handsome man were found on a date in October ’21.
Morita Rikako and martial artist Koji (’19 May 24 issue)
Morita and her trainer (’14 Oct. 17 issue)
Her husband, mental trainer Yotaro Morikawa and Sakura Yokomine
The February 12, ’21 issue reported on the love affair between Hinako Shibuno and TV TOKYO’s Haruhi Nozawa. When directly confronted with the news, Shibuno was surprised, “Why me? Shibuno was surprised. She was also seen delivering a gift to him on his birthday.
Nozawa announcer. She was the MC of a TV show in which Shibuno appeared, and that was the beginning of their relationship.
Erika Hara and Munetaka Murakami of Yakult, whose love affair was reported by Josei Jishin.
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