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Hinako Shibuno’s Great Comeback: Embracing a New Swing with a New Coach

《FRIDAY Sports Nonfiction》 In her first match of the season, she struggled with her shots and finished 69th out of 71 players. ...... The road to a comeback victory is already in sight! The smile of victory on the world stage is just a few more steps away!

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He even smiled during his round on the second day when he shot 6-under. Perhaps because she has been working out in the off-season, her waist looks firmer than last year.

Hinako Shibuno (25), in her third year on the U.S. Tour, has finally begun her season to regain her seeding. Her first round was at the Honda LPGA Thailand, which was contested until February 25. She got off to a disappointing start with a 1-over-par 69th place finish, but showed her natural explosiveness by shooting a “66” on the second day. Fumiko Muraguchi, former Money Queen of the Japan Women’s Tour and commentator, gave her a favorable assessment of her performance.

I felt her putting address was solid and stable. Her shots were a little higher at the top compared to last year. I seem to be swinging through the hole more smoothly and boldly than last season.

She has been struggling for the past two years, winning no championships, and last year she teamed up again with her coach Sho Aoki, who she had worked with at the time, in search of the “vertical swing” that won her the All-England Women’s Championship in 1964. However, she was unable to recover due to an injury to her left thumb. This season, he parted ways with Aoki again and brought in a new coach.

He is coaching Momoko Ueda and Yuri Yoshida,” said Aoki. One of his features is to emphasize the use of the lower body, such as having the players practice swings while holding a balance ball between their legs” (sports newspaper golf correspondent).

Shibuno commented, “It is difficult to complete what I have been preparing off the tee for four days (through). There were many times when his tee shots were hooked to the left, and there is no doubt that he is still in the process of developing.

I have the impression that I have been focusing a lot on my upper body in correcting my swing so far. By reviewing the way I use my lower body, I am sure I will come to a new realization.

Once again, Shibuno is working on swing modification with an eye toward revival. The aforementioned golf correspondent said, “He is working on his swing by lowering the top of his swing.

He has been struggling to achieve the distance he wanted since 2009, when he worked on a swing with a lower top stroke. By improving the linkage with the lower body, he is probably seeking a ball line that flies long but does not bend.

Since he is not seeded this season, the number of matches he will play is limited unless he is recommended by the organizers. However, depending on how you look at it, this could be a positive thing.

“Since the number of matches is limited, it makes it easier to concentrate on each match. There will be times when you will be anxious about your swing while making corrections, but by ‘opening up’ and thinking that this is all right, you will be able to achieve results such as advancing to the higher ranks.

The next round will be the Blue Bay LPGA, to be held in China from March 7. I can’t wait to see her full face as she blasts away with her new swing.

She has recovered from an injury to her left thumb to the point where she can swing the club with all her might. He fought through the four days of intense heat while struggling with his swing.

From the March 15, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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