Go Ayano, the target of “Garcy Ch.” The magazine has seen his womanizing, his nightlife… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Go Ayano, the target of “Garcy Ch.” The magazine has seen his womanizing, his nightlife…

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Tsuyoshi Ayano, who fell prey to the exposure-based YouTube star “Garcy CH. His drinking and womanizing habits were exposed…

The next “target” was Tsuyoshi Ayano…

In “Yoshikazu Higashitani’s Girshi ch [Behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry],” by the exposé-style YouTube star Yoshikazu Higashitani, many celebrities have indeed fallen prey.

Among male actors, Yuu Shirota’s private life was exposed, including his relationships with women and his past investment losses. Perhaps as a result of this, the distribution of three online advertisements in which Shirota appeared has been suspended.

And the next target was Ayano. In a preview video, Ayano was described as “a narcissist with a bad drinking and womanizing habit who would humiliate his friends to get attention for himself.” In a membership-only video on his YouTube channel (490 yen/month) on March 13, he revealed the names of women he had played with, one after another.

Ayano’s revelations, whether they were true or not, were also quite damning, but they did not have the same impact as Shirota’s. The gap between Shirota’s image and that of his fans was so large that at first the credibility of his stories was questionable.

In Ayano’s case, however, his drinking habits, relationships with women, and narcissistic behavior are almost the same as what many in the entertainment media have seen in the past, and it seems that his fans are aware of it.

Erika Toda dated for two and a half years starting in 2010. She took the Shinkansen bullet train to Toda’s hometown, Kobe City, to greet her relatives (’12).

This magazine has captured a great deal of Ayano’s private life.

As for their love affair, in 2011, Ayano went on a motsunabe date with Erika Toda, followed the next year by a scoop of the two of them in the green car of a Shinkansen bullet train going to Kobe. In addition, countless times we have found Ayano inebriated, most notably in February of 2002.

Ayano was walking alone in Azabu Juban at 5:30 am. She stopped at a moving cab and got in, but soon after stopped and got out, she began to pee standing up on a street tree. When Ayano noticed us, he knocked on the driver’s seat and said

What the hell are you looking at?

When I told him my name was “Friday,” his mouth fell open and he hurriedly got back into the cab and drove away.

(In ’14, he was drunk to the skin and was photographed “peeing standing up” in Roppongi, with his private parts completely exposed.)

Ayano is also known to wear all-black fashion, with a black coat slung over her shoulders in winter, and has been seen strutting around the busy streets of Omotesando, Aoyama, and Ginza without fear of being seen.

In the video, Mr. Higashitani says, “Ayano likes to stand out anyway, and even in downtown areas, he walks around with his Ayano Tsuyoshi on full display,” which is exactly right. Because Friday scoops up Ayano’s private life so much, for a while there was even a rumor circulating on the Internet that “Friday is putting up Tsuyoshi Ayano 24 hours a day. However, the reality is that when driving through shopping districts during the daytime and downtown areas late at night, one frequently encounters Ayano with his “aura” all over the place,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

In June 2007, he was in Roppongi with the band “THE XXXXXX”, which is often talked about on “Garcy ch”, and which he formed with Takayuki Yamada and Asayo Uchida. The launch was also heavily photographed. Later, according to Azumaya, the band was forced to disband due to Ayano’s behavior….

When interviewed by the Shukan Bunshun about this incident, the president of Ayano’s agency replied, “From the perspective of (Mr. Higashitani’s) entire story, Tsuyoshi’s story is not a big deal.” In other words, it has been tolerated that anything can be done as long as it does not cause any incidents. The idea that this is one of Ayano’s charms is bold to say the least. If it goes beyond that range and becomes a problem, he probably thinks he deserves it.

In his You Tube show, Azumaya said.

If it continues, a celebrity like Ayano will do something that will clearly become an incident.”

He asserts. Go Ayano is already 40 years old. Perhaps this is a good time for him to change his behavior and become an adult.

Takayuki Yamada at the launch of the band “THE XXXXXX” in Roppongi
Yui Sakuma comes out of Ayano’s apartment. Is the too-big shirt her boyfriend’s personal attire? (’18)
Ayano coming out of a famous watch store.” Ayano’s “actor’s aura” is in full bloom, but he’s still dressed in black (2010).
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