The value of the defendant’s assets has been reduced to one-tenth…” Reports that the defendant, Ennosuke Ichikawa, is still “living at home” have been met with “horror”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The value of the defendant’s assets has been reduced to one-tenth…” Reports that the defendant, Ennosuke Ichikawa, is still “living at home” have been met with “horror”.

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Ennosuke Ichikawa was charged with assisting suicide and released on July 31. He is currently living at the home where the incident took place. ……

Kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa’s “bizarre daily life” has become the subject of controversy.

In May of this year, Ichikawa was found unconscious at his home in Meguro, Tokyo, with his father, Danshiro, and mother lying in the second-floor living room, where they were later confirmed dead.

The defendant was arrested on suspicion of assisting in a suicide attempt to commit “family suicide” in response to a report in a women’s magazine, and was indicted and released on bail in July.

After that, Ennosuke was reportedly hospitalized at a Tokyo hospital, but according to the August 31 issue of Josei Seven, he had already left the hospital and returned to his home, the “scene of the incident. According to the magazine, he had already left the hospital and returned to his home, the “scene of the incident.

A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper expressed surprise at this.

I knew he was discharged from the hospital, but I thought he was going to stay at a hotel prepared by the authorities and wait for his first trial in October,” said a reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper. I didn’t expect him to return to his home where the incident took place. ……

The defendant was supposed to be recovering in the hospital from the mental shock. If he tried to relax in his living room, he would be in danger of having flashbacks to the incident. Frankly, I wonder how he can go back there.

According to the source, Sarunosuke refused to stay at the hotel recommended by those around him and returned to his home of his own volition. It is said that he has a huge Buddha statue at home, which he is particular about, and he may be worshipping it every day.

However, the Internet has been full of comments such as

It’s like a horror story.
What kind of feelings does she have in her life?
What kind of feelings does he have in his life?

The house is located in Meguro, a prestigious area in Tokyo.

The house is a mansion in a prime location in Meguro. The house was previously priced in the hundreds of millions, but now it is listed on a certain “accident property” website, and has become completely “infamous.

I’ve seen reports that the property’s value has been reduced to half or one-third of what it was before, but that’s nothing compared to what it is now. In our industry, it is said that even if the property is auctioned off, it will probably start at one-tenth of its original value. I don’t think there will be any takers, and I think it will be necessary for a real estate company to purchase the property and put it on hold for a while,” said a person involved in real estate.

The defendant is likely to be liable for a huge amount of compensation as a result of the incident. In addition to the cancelled Kabuki performance, the movie in which he appeared, “Emergency Room the Final,” has yet to be released. He may have returned to his home and thought that by leading a simple life, he could make a little extra to help pay for the compensation.

It doesn’t seem to mean that he stays at home,” he says. Sometimes he rides his bicycle to a café. I don’t know what kind of nerve he has. I don’t know.

At his first trial, there is a split in opinion as to whether he should be sentenced to prison or a suspended sentence. If he is given a suspended sentence, his return to the Kabuki world will be discussed.

He refuses to return to the Kabuki world, but it is said that Shochiku will move to bring him back to the Kabuki world as a backstage worker. In the Kabuki world, where there are no heavyweights, the presence of defendant Ennosuke is significant. It seems that even if he is not able to appear on the front stage, the company wants him to be involved in the training of future generations.

However, it does not look like things will go smoothly. On the official website of ARANCIONE, of which he is the representative director, the kabuki actor Ichikawa Chuguruma (Teruyuki Kagawa), who is taking over for Ennosuke as the head of Omodakaya, wrote the following statement just as the date for the defendant’s first trial was set

I would like to spend the remaining time of my life solemnly working for the preservation of the ecosystem through Kabuki and insects.

The company posted an unusual message on the official website of “ARANCIONE,” the company’s representative director.

It was reported in some quarters that Mr. Kagawa went to see defendant Ennosuke, who was in custody, and performed a Kabuki kata in front of him. I think that was a strong statement of intent: ‘I will protect Sawasaya on your behalf. The fact that he has now issued a new message is a clear indication that he is aware of defendant Ennosuke.

A source close to the pears garden said, “Depending on the verdict against Ennosuke, he may be able to make another bid. Depending on the verdict against Ennosuke, the Kabuki world may once again be in turmoil.

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