Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s video rebuttal to “slanderous remarks” reveals unexpected “lack of response. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s video rebuttal to “slanderous remarks” reveals unexpected “lack of response.

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Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi responded to the slander against him with a video. ……

Charismatic musician Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi is in distress.

It all started last November when a former actress who had performed with Nagabuchi confessed in a video that she had been “sexually abused” by “Musician N,” who was believed to be him. She recently gave an interview to a magazine, and although she did not mention Nagabuchi by name, she gave a graphic account of the damage.

While the public was taking a hard look at her, Nagabuchi released a video titled “A Message to Slander” on her YouTube channel on April 11. In it, he reveals that he has been slandered on the Internet,

He said, “If I try to do TV promotions, it’s all no thanks. I’m getting a lot of things said on the Internet right now, so I’m just going to keep an eye on things.”

Nagabuchi also mentioned that the actress’s personal name is not used by the sponsors of TV and radio stations.

Nagabuchi also did not mention the names of the actresses,

Nagabuchi did not name the actress, but said, “I was chosen to play the role of Eiji Ogawa’s sister in the movie ‘Eiji.

Nagabuchi also did not name the actress,

Why didn’t you say so 10 or 20 years ago if you felt that way? If it was a criminal case, I would have been arrested.

Miyasako also seemed perplexed by the fact that people were looking at him with suspicion.

But the statement was harshly received, and in the comments section of his video,

“Why didn’t you tell me at the time?” is the worst thing for the perpetrator to say.

The comments on his video were littered with harsh opinions, such as, “This video, in which he talks about his feelings in a rambling manner, fails to put out the fire.

The video is a failure to put out the fire,” and so on.

It seems that the release of the video was intended to “put out the fire” against slander on the Internet, but it seems to have had the opposite effect. His videos and comments continue to spread on social networking sites.

However, what is more serious is the number of times the video has been viewed. As of the 25th, about two weeks after its release, the video had been viewed only 140,000 times.

The general public may think that 140,000 views is a lot, but it’s Mr. Nagabuchi, a charismatic figure in the music world. Moreover, this number is bad even though it has been spread through the Internet news and social networking services and has become a hot topic. ……

Incidentally, a video titled “About the Coarse Products” in which Hiroyuki Miyasako of the former “Ameagari Kesshitai” talks about his junior comedian “SHIMOFURI MYOJO” who made critical remarks about him on TV has been viewed more than 1.17 million times in about a week.

The video “I couldn’t stand it anymore,” in which Yukina Kinoshita confessed that she “snapped” at her daughter, which was featured on the Internet news, has been viewed about 880,000 times, even though it was two months ago.

Videos that are picked up by the Internet news or become a topic of conversation on social networking sites naturally receive a larger number of views. In the case of Mr. Nagabuchi’s video, in particular, it was the first time he mentioned his “sexual assault allegations,” which had been a hot topic since the end of last year, so I thought it would be viewed more often.

However, when I opened it up, I found that it had 140,000 views. …… Of course, the enthusiastic fans are watching it, but few others may be willing to listen to “his side of the story. The “lack of response” was unexpectedly revealed.

Nagabuchi has left behind many legends, such as the “Sakurajima Live” held in his hometown of Kagoshima in 2004, which attracted 75,000 people. However, his “cry” may not reach people other than his fans.

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