Erika Sawajiri, Makiko Esumi, Ryoko Hirosue… “After the turmoil” off-shoots of “disturbed beauties” in the first half of the year. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Sawajiri, Makiko Esumi, Ryoko Hirosue… “After the turmoil” off-shoots of “disturbed beauties” in the first half of the year.

From popular actresses to Johnny's, artists, and athletes, it's all been a bit of a mixed bag.

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Erika Sawajiri (37) [Actress] June 30
Aura overflowing, “First time in three and a half years in the flesh”.

In the driver’s seat of a foreign coupe waiting at a traffic light, a beautiful woman sings while ticking a rhythm with her fingers to the beat of a heavy bass groove.

This was FRIDAY’s “reunion” with Erika Sawajiri, 37, who had been out of the public eye for more than three and a half years since her arrest by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for possession of the synthetic drug MDMA.

Wearing short overalls and a vintage-style cardigan in casual fashion, she drove around Matsumotokiyoshi, a sunglasses specialty store, and select stores all at once.

There were rumors that she had gained a lot of weight due to stress, but her outstanding style remained unchanged. She parked her car on the street and entered Matsumotokiyoshi without wearing a mask or cap.

She is said to be inundated with offers to appear on stage after her suspended sentence was lifted in February, but we have yet to hear anything about her comeback. In order to recover the 500 million yen or 700 million yen in penalties incurred as a result of her arrest, the stage she says she wants to perform on will not pay the bills. It will probably be a huge project involving foreign capital.

The ups and downs of this situation are also typical of Erika, though.

Ryoko Hirosue (43) [Actress] August 11
After the affair, she was found “under house arrest,” busy raising her child!

One morning in late July, just after the announcement of her divorce from her husband, Candle, Hirosue walked around the neighborhood to see her daughter off. The day before, she went shopping with her mother and went to a beauty salon, seemingly enjoying her house arrest.

The most publicized beauty this summer is actress Ryoko Hirosue (43), who reportedly had an affair with chef Shusaku Toba (45) in early June and announced her divorce from husband Candle Jun (49) in late July.

For a time, she lived in a hotel, but now she spends her time with her children at her home in Tokyo. She is getting back to her daily routine, throwing a home party for her birthday and taking her children to and from school,” said an acquaintance of Hirosue.

Her agency announced that she would be suspended from performing indefinitely, and it was thought that she might retire from show business. ……

However, the company announced that it would suspend him indefinitely, and it seemed that he would retire from show business, but he seems to be quite positive. There are some jobs that have been put on hold or cancelled, but many of the jobs that have not yet been announced are still pending. In addition, it seems that new job offers are coming in. However, her relationship with her office is not good, so there is no prospect for her future activities. ……

Mothers are strong. We can no longer help but be in awe of Hirosue’s strength and positivity.

Makiko Esumi (56) [Former Actress] May 12 & 19
The mire that cannot be cleared up in the same way as “Shomni

Makiko Ezumi was a big shot, unfazed by the direct questioning of the FRIDAY reporter. For some reason, the bouquet of flowers she was carrying looked good on her. And her outstanding style is still going strong.

Makiko Esumi (56), who announced her retirement from show business in 2005, was thought to be living peacefully with her husband, a director at Fuji Television, and their two children. When FRIDAY scooped that two lawsuits had been filed against her by the prestigious school she had sent her son to, the media went wild over the substance of the lawsuits. A source at “K International School Tokyo,” where the story took place, told us.

Ms. Esumi had signed a notarized contract with the school’s then-chairman, Mr. K., after getting to know him well, and had received about 230 million yen. However, Mr. K’s children claim that Mr. K was unable to make normal decisions due to illness, etc., and that Mr. Esumi surrounded him and forced him to write the document, thus invalidating it. The trial is still ongoing and the case is bogged down, and the school is expected to file a rebuttal to Mr. Esumi’s claim that the document is valid at the end of August. Ms. Esumi remains adamant.

How will the law judge this unprecedented legal trouble caused by a former top actress?

Rurei Miura (42) [International Political Scientist] May 5 issue
Received “consulting fees” from her husband’s company, but remained silent.

She has moved out of her room at Roppongi Hills, where rent was said to be as high as 3 million yen per month, and her celebrity lifestyle that everyone envied before her husband’s arrest has completely disappeared.

Rurei Miura, 42, an international political scientist, was arrested and indicted in March on suspicion of embezzlement in connection with the business affairs of her husband, Kiyoshi Miura, 44, who was the head of investment company Tribay Capital.

Since then, his TV appearances and other media exposure have declined dramatically, but an acquaintance of Rurei’s reveals, “Currently, he is often seen in Karuizawa, where the villa used to be located.

In fact, the Karuizawa villa owned in Mr. Seiji’s name was sold to pay for his bail, but the buyer was Nobuo Kawakami, 54, the founder of Dwango. Mr. Kawakami is a close friend of Ms. Rurei, inviting her as a lecturer at the “N/S High School,” which he operates. He may have arranged for the Miura family to continue to use the villa after the sale, while avoiding publicity.

FRIDAY reported the fact that the think tank she represents had a consulting contract with her husband’s company. Rurei has attracted attention as an outspoken debater, but she is still silent on this matter.

Kyoka Suzuki (55) [Actress] July 28
Recuperating at home, smiling on her first outing in a while.

Kyoka took a cab to the office in the late afternoon, the weather was fine, and she finished her stay after about two hours and left the office, smiling softly on her way back, probably feeling better.

Kyoka left the office after about two hours in a taxi. When he is well in the morning, he sometimes goes out. ……” (an acquaintance of the two)

In May of this year, Kyoka Suzuki (55) urgently withdrew from the drama series “This Wonderful World” (Fuji TV) in which she starred, due to poor health. Since then, she has been recuperating at home.

It was in early July that we saw her for the first time in a while. She came out of her house with her hat on, got into a cab, and headed for her office.

As she strives to get back to her acting career, her boyfriend Hiroki Hasegawa (46) is supporting her as she strives to recover from her recent illness.

She is currently undergoing treatment at home, but Mr. Hasegawa visits her almost every day and is taking good care of her. Although they have not joined a registry, they are no different from a normal married couple.

I can’t wait to see them in good health!

From the September 1 , 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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