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Possible jail time for his beloved daughter? Floyd Mayweather’s “complicated family situation

Estimated lifetime earnings of over 90 billion yen! Boxing elite who won five weight classes, daughter could be imprisoned for up to 20 years! I'm retired, but I have to keep earning

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In February ’21, Iyanna attended Mayweather’s birthday party after he was released on bail. There was no sign of remorse, and he was leading a life of luxury.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (44), a superstar in the U.S. boxing world, won five weight classes while remaining undefeated in 50 fights and earned over 90 billion yen in big money. He was expected to spend the rest of his life in riches, but it turned out in a surprising way that he fought Tenshin Nasukawa (23) and even YouTubers to find out why he continues to earn money after retirement. His beloved daughter (Manamusume), Iyanna (21), may be sentenced to 20 years in prison. The relationship between the two is complicated, so let me explain it while looking at the family tree below.

The tragedy began in April ’20, when the popular rapper NBA Youngboy (22), who is said to be Iyanna’s fiancé, had a secret meeting with his ex-girlfriend LaPatra Jacobs (26) at their home in Texas. In a fit of rage, Iyanna stormed the scene and stabbed Lapatola repeatedly in the right arm with a kitchen knife and was arrested. International celebrity writer, Harakika Haranishi, explains.

“She was released after posting bail of 3.4 million Japanese yen. Mayweather knew of Youngboy’s criminal record, including robberies and attempted murders, and his bad habits with women, and was against their relationship.

There is more to this tragedy. The tragedy continued: Youngboy, who was supposed to be her “fiancé,” had six other lovers, all of whom had given birth to children. Despite this, Iyanna continued her relationship with Youngboy and became pregnant. In January of this year, she gave birth to a son, Kentrell. However, Youngboy’s bad behavior did not abate, and in March of this year, he was sent to prison for the third time for drug possession and violating the Firearms Act. It is certain that Iyanna will also be jailed. The immediate concern is who will raise Kentrell. Hiroshi Kiyohara, an international lawyer, explains.

“He said, “No matter how much Mayweather is a billionaire and uses his ‘money power’, I don’t think he will get probation or escape imprisonment. According to the laws of California, where Iyanna lives, her mother will have custody of her child even if she is incarcerated. She can also decide who will raise Kentrell. It’s hard to imagine leaving the child in the hands of a young boy with a criminal record. I think she’ll leave him with Mayweather.

Iyanna is an unknown singer who makes almost no money and relies heavily on Mayweather for her livelihood. There is also a possibility that Iyanna and Youngboy (?) could be back together. There is also the possibility of a repeat offense. In addition to the huge amount of compensation and bail money, they have to take care of their useless daughter and grandchildren for the rest of their lives, so no matter how much money they have, they cannot rest assured. The superstar continues to fight for his beloved family.

NBA Young Boy’s album, released from prison in September 2009, reached number one on the U.S. charts. He is immensely popular as a rapper. On the other hand, he has been arrested three times for drug possession and robbery.
Iyanna is an unsuccessful singer. She has been begging her father for a luxury car every year. In January 2009, she gave birth to a baby boy with Young Boy
The victim, Ms. Rappatra, live-streamed the incident on social networking sites and confessed to having permanent injuries on her arms. Iyanna is claiming self-defense.

From the November 26, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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