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Comedy trio “Robert” effectively disbanded? Why did Akiyama reject Baba’s offer to do something funny?

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Akiyama does not want to break up “Robert” (Photo: YUTAKA/Afro Sports)

Akiyama Ryuji (45), a.k.a. “Robert Akiyama,” has been so active that it is safe to say that not a day goes by that he is not seen on TV. However, “Robert” may be removed from his common name. ……

Robert was formed in 1998. In addition to Akiyama, there were three other members: Baba Hiroyuki (44), who went to the same school as Akiyama from kindergarten to high school, and Yamamoto Hiroshi (44), who was a classmate of Akiyama at NSC. In 2001, Akiyama’s breakthrough came when he was selected as a regular on “Hane no Tobira You knock on a jumping door! In 2008, he won third place in the “King of Contest,” and in 2011, he won the championship.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Robert’s formation, but there are rumors that something fishy is going on.

Robert, who will celebrate his 25th anniversary this year, has been rumored to be in trouble. The last TV appearance was on Tokai TV’s “TAICHI SAN! (Tokai TV), which aired on August 28 last year, was probably their last TV appearance. Even on social networking sites, many fans commented that “Robert will probably break up,” and the mood seemed to be one of resignation.

The fans have given their blessing to the breakup of the group. However, this is not the first time that rumors of a breakup have surfaced. The reason why such rumors are appearing is that each of the three has begun to pursue a different path from comedy.

Baba, who is passionate about cooking, opened his restaurant “Miyako Cold Noodles” on Miyako Island, Okinawa in ’22, and with over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel, he is making enough money even without doing comedy.

Yamamoto is even more versatile than Baba, and when he obtained a professional boxer’s license in ’08, although it was a project for the show, he actually competed in a match in ’14 and won by KO.’ In ’15, he also obtained a trainer’s license. But that’s not all. He is also a published author of picture books and a well-known YouTuber of video games.

Around spring of last year, Baba-san appealed to Akiyama-san, saying, ‘I can’t do anything interesting anymore, so I want you to dissolve the group. In response, Akiyama asked Baba, “I can’t think of Robert with just Yamamoto, so please reconsider.

However, Akiyama often said that he could not see the future as Robert since they had achieved their goal as a trio by winning the “King of Conte” in 2011, so I don’t think Akiyama himself has much motivation to work as a trio.

Yamamoto is no longer interested in comedy, but he does not seem to mind either way. When we spoke to a person involved with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co,

I thought the breakup story was just a story, but recently it seems to be becoming more realistic,” he said. However, the information has not been shared yet, so I don’t know what the actual story is. In Yoshimoto’s case, when you work as an individual, whether as a duo or a group, you are paid according to your individual performance, so it is better to have a lot of work as an individual than to work as a group and divide the incoming fee among the number of people.

In the case of Robert, the three of us rarely work together, so there is no need for us to be in a group. Besides, people around them know that Akiyama is the only one who is passionate about comedy, and the other two are losing interest in it.

According to the comedian friend mentioned above, there have been several discussions between Akiyama, Baba, and their manager, but no conclusion has been reached because Akiyama has not given up. When we asked Yoshimoto Kogyo about the dissolution of the group, they said, “We will not dissolve,

They said, “We are not breaking up. However, it is difficult for all three of us to get together because our schedules are all booked far in advance.

But it is difficult for all three of us to get together. It is sad to think that we will never be able to see their hilarious skits again, but we are sure that the three unique members will continue to entertain their fans with their unique talents.

  • PHOTO YUTAKA/Afro Sports

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