Rurei Miura, the “unexpected bigwig purchaser,” sold her office in a prime location in Nagatacho followed by a “villa in Karuizawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rurei Miura, the “unexpected bigwig purchaser,” sold her office in a prime location in Nagatacho followed by a “villa in Karuizawa.

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Rurei Miura smiles in direct response to a direct interview by this magazine (PHOTO: Toshikatsu Tanaka)

It seems that her elegant life has finally begun to fade.

Rurei Miura, 42, an international political scientist, was arrested and indicted by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office after her husband, Kiyoshi, was arrested and indicted. From the beginning, she has maintained that she was not involved in the management of her husband’s company and has no knowledge of the incident. However, as reported in the May 5 issue of this magazine, Rurei’s company, Wildcat Research Institute, has a consulting contract with Seiji’s company, and there is no doubt that she was involved in the management of the company, and criticism still persists.

In February, Rurei was reported to be spending time with a handsome young man at a luxury hotel bar, and in March, she dined at a high-class Japanese restaurant with rakugo storyteller Danshun Tachikawa. Although she no longer appears on TV and has completely disappeared from the public stage, her lifestyle has not changed.

Still, perhaps influenced by the uproar, on May 1, he moved out of the prestigious office of “Wildcat Research Institute” in Nagatacho (Chiyoda-ku) and relocated to a high-rise tower in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The company does not have a concrete office, but uses it as a virtual office, renting basic information such as an address and phone number necessary for its business. However, that did not seem to be enough to solve his difficult kitchen situation: in June, Rurei sold his vacation home in Karuizawa, which he said he “always visits every winter.

In his office in Nagatacho, Rurei was paying about 500,000 yen a month in rent. But the new office in Shibuya Ward has a minimum monthly fee of 15,000 yen, so the cost has been reduced to less than one-thirtieth of that. On top of that, he also sold his villa in Karuizawa this month, to his surprise. It is a luxurious log house standing on a large plot of land, and is one of Rurei’s most cherished places, which he visited with his family every winter,” said an acquaintance of Rurei’s.

When we checked the property registration, we found that both the building and the land were indeed sold on June 7. Moreover, an unexpectedly big name was listed in the new owner’s column.

The purchaser is Mr. Ryosei Kawakami, founder of Dwango, known for Nico Nico Douga, and president and representative director of KADOKAWA, among others. Since a villa of more than 1,000 tsubo would require a considerable amount of money, it would be difficult to find a buyer. Therefore, Mr. Kawakami, who is an old acquaintance of Mr. Miura, must have extended a helping hand to Mr. Miura.

After giving up his office, Mr. Rurei also gave up his vacation home. His celebrity lifestyle, envied by all, may be coming to an end.

  • PHOTO Toshikatsu Tanaka

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