Rurei Miura, “Unquenchable Vanity” Seen from the New Office That Sneakily Moved to a New Location | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rurei Miura, “Unquenchable Vanity” Seen from the New Office That Sneakily Moved to a New Location

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Rurei continues to lead an elegant life even as her husband Kiyoshi’s interrogation continues. However, it seems that the turmoil is definitely having an impact on her.

In March, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office arrested and indicted Kiyoshi Miura for allegedly embezzling 420 million yen. He is still under investigation.

Mr. Kiyoshi admits to the facts, but denies all charges of embezzlement. The investigation is continuing with a view to starting the trial around this winter.

Rurei, on the other hand, has maintained from the beginning that she was not involved in her husband’s company management and had no knowledge of it. However, as this magazine reported in its May 5 issue, there were financial ties between Rurei’s company, Wildcat Research Institute, and Tribay, and a consulting contract was concluded.

Mr. Rurei tried to put out the fire by completely denying any involvement, but it must be said that the effect backfired. He had appeared on many TV programs before the report, but has now dropped out of all of them. There is no indication that he will return to work. I think her day job has been affected, but she continues to post about her celebrity life on social networking sites as usual,” said a source at a key station.

However, it seems that the series of disturbances has definitely had an impact. A local real estate company official revealed.

In May, Rurei moved out of the office of “Wildcat Research Institute” in Nagatacho and moved to another office in Shibuya Ward. The previous office was owned by a major developer and was in a prime location directly across from the First House of Representatives building. As one might expect, they could no longer afford the rent.”

In fact, when we looked at the registration of “Wildcat Research Institute,” we found that it had moved to a new location in Shibuya Ward on May 1. What was surprising was the address.

The new address was one of the tallest skyscrapers in Tokyo. It is a five-minute walk from Shibuya Station, which also houses a luxury hotel. However, the new office is a virtual office service. It is not an actual office, but rather a place where you can rent an address, phone number, and other basic information necessary for your business.

The minimum price is 15,000 yen per month to apply. The change from a real office in a prime location in Tokyo to a virtual office must have been a considerable cost-cutting measure,” said a real estate agent.

Even the seemingly elegant lifestyle is undergoing a change.

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