Chef Toba and her husband, Mr. Candle, “had an affair” and got into a “slanderous war”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Chef Toba and her husband, Mr. Candle, “had an affair” and got into a “slanderous war”.

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The W affair between Ryoko Hirosue (left) and Chef Toba (middle) has only gone up in flames. Mr. Candle’s (right) press conference sparked…

The double affair between actress Ryoko Hirosue and one-star Michelin chef Shusaku Toba has not abated.

The Weekly Bunshun even leaked a “love diary” between Hirosue and Mr. Toba. According to Hirosue

Thank you for taking care of me.

by Hirosue was shocking. In response, the two acknowledged their affair on SNS and apologized. Hirosue was suspended indefinitely by her agency, Fram.

Then, Candle Jun, Hirosue’s husband, held an emergency press conference in Tokyo.

Ryoko Hirosue is a good wife and a great mother,” he said tearfully.

She tearfully stated that she had cheated on her husband with someone other than Mr. Toba in the past, and that Mr. Jun had “dealt with” her behind the scenes each time.

He also testified that when Hirosue was under pressure from work, she would go out in flashy clothes and act differently than usual. He also said that it was because she was in such an “unusual” state of mind that she became intimate with Mr. Toba, and he called on the media to report the incident calmly.

He called on the media to report the news calmly. “Although it may be a consequentialism, I feel that the furor was further inflamed by Mr. Jun’s press conference. The press conference was an after-the-fact report to Mr. Hirosue and Frahm.

However, the chaotic situation has since developed, as Mr. Jun was also reported to have allegedly committed adultery and assaulted a woman.

After the meeting, Hirosue herself “directly called” Bunshun and expressed her disbelief in the response of her agency, and Mr. Toba responded to Bunshun’s interview and said, “I am serious about Ms. Hirosue.

In an interview with Bunshun, Mr. Toba publicly declared, “I am serious about Hirosue-san.

Toba also publicly declared in an interview with Bunshun, “I am serious about Hirosue-san.

In an interview with Bunshun, Mr. Toba publicly declared, “I am serious about Ms. Hirosue. He pointed out that the exchange diary leaked to Bunshun was not the original but a scanned copy, and that Jun was the only one who would benefit from its disclosure.

He said, “It’s just a pussy-grabbing comment from someone who got dumped.”

“Seriously, people like that should be eliminated.

The person who knew what was going on said, “I’m not a good person. A source with knowledge of the situation said, “Mr. Toba has been talking about Mr. Jun and his writings.

Mr. Toba is convinced that Mr. Jun and Bunshun are in on it. At the press conference, Mr. Toba said that he had not received any apology from Mr. Jun, but even though Mr. Toba admits that the affair was wrong, he has no intention of apologizing to Mr. Jun. He says he cannot forgive him as a human being.

He is a very intuitive person,” he said.

Mr. Toba is the type of person who is direct and straightforward. Mr. Jun, on the other hand, is the tactician type. The aforementioned source said, “Mr. Toba is the type of person who says things clearly.

In the past, Mr. Jun has gone to the office of the adulterous partner to negotiate and obtain a settlement. Based on this, Mr. Toba is bold enough to say that Mr. Jun’s goal is not to get back together with his partner, but to get the alimony. In fact, it seems that he has already begun negotiating for compensation through his agent.

Torihane revealed, “In fact, negotiations for alimony have already begun through his agent.

The only way to quell such a mudslinging is for Hirosue himself, the protagonist of the furore, to disclose his current state of mind without lying.

The only way to quell these tussles is for the protagonist, Hirosue himself, to disclose his true feelings. However, if it has come this far, isn’t it impossible to put out the fire unless Ms. Hirosue herself speaks out?

Whether she can overcome the opposition of Frahm or not is another question. There are rumors that she may even leave the office.

Two men fighting over Hirosue.

From a bird’s eye view, it is hard not to see this as an incident in which Hirosue’s “devilishness” was on full display. The one with the ball in his court is Hirosue. Will we ever hear his voice again? ……

  • PHOTO. Kazuhiko Nakamura (Hirosue), Afro (Mr. Toba), Sota Shima (Mr. Candle)

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