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Shusaku Toba’s Wife Is the Key Person in the Future

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As her husband Candle Jun revealed, Ryoko Hirosue was a “mother” and devoted herself to raising her child. ……

When I saw his apology, all I could think of was anger.

I want him to tell me what a sincere apology looks like.”

On June 18, actress Ryoko Hirosue’s husband, artist Candle Jun, held an emergency press conference in Tokyo to express his anger at his wife’s lover, chef Shusaku Toba, owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Both men admitted to the affair and apologized. Hirosue was suspended indefinitely by her agency.

This seemed to put an end to the turmoil. What he said was that Hirosue was mentally ill and that he was angry with Mr. Toba.

Mr. Jun said that not only this time, but when the mental pressure reaches its limit, Ms. Hirosue becomes dependent on others. I have the impression that ‘this is not normal. I strongly felt that what he needs now is a mental rest.

Mr. Jun explained the situation of the family on the verge of collapse, occasionally shedding tears. He sent words of encouragement to Hirosue, saying, “She is a good wife and the best mother to my children. He said that his wife is currently “quarantined” in a separate place provided by the office.

In contrast, Mr. Jun became more outspoken about Mr. Toba. He said of Mr. Toba’s apology, which he published on Twitter on January 14

“I feel indescribable,” he said.

He then laid out the opening words of his apology. Jun expressed his displeasure at Toba’s comment, “I want to face cooking from scratch again.

Mr. Toba’s family was nearly destroyed by the series of problems, and Ms. Hirosue was severely punished by her agency. On the other hand, Mr. Toba has “salvation” in the form of cooking. I think his attitude of only apologizing on the surface and concentrating on his main job may have been seen as an “escape.

In fact, Toba’s response lacked sincerity.

According to Mr. Jun, after the publication of the apology, he called Mr. Toba’s office several times, calling himself “Candle Jun. He asked the receptionist for an appointment with Mr. Toba, saying, “I will be waiting for you at the restaurant at 1:00 p.m.,” and also told her that he was heading to “sio,” a restaurant owned by Mr. Toba.

Mr. Toba sent her an e-mail saying, “I am sorry for the trouble I have caused you,” but she refused to meet with him that day, saying, “I am sorry, I have other things to do. When Mr. Jung strongly requested that the meeting be held at any time, Toba insisted, “I will definitely come back at a later date. By the time of the meeting, no meeting between the two had taken place.

Toba’s restaurant is so busy that reservations are hard to come by. Even after the affair scandal broke out, there were comments on the Internet, such as, “Will this make it easier to get reservations? Even after the affair scandal broke out, the online reviewers were asking, “Will this make it easier to get reservations?

However, since Jun’s “accusation,” the ball is now in Toba’s court. Depending on how he handles the situation, it may have an impact, no matter how unrelated it is to the restaurant business.

Toba plans to open a high-end restaurant in Nagano Prefecture on July 1. The lunch set menu is priced at 3,000 yen and the dinner course menu at 30,000 yen, which is higher priced than the “sio” restaurant in Tokyo. He also plans to launch a third company next year

“It is said that the restaurant will finally start its global expansion,” a source said.

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the company is planning to launch a third company next year. According to a source with knowledge of the situation

“Whether Mr. Toba will follow Mr. Jun’s example and hold a press conference or not. I think the key is his wife. The only person who can say to Mr. Toba, ‘You should come to your senses,’ is his wife. Toba is surrounded by yes-men.

He is surrounded by yes-men,” he said.

In the wake of Jun’s press conference, Toba’s response will be closely watched.

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