KAT-TUN “Yuichi Nakamaru” will make his long-sought manga artist debut… Other members of “Jani-no Channer” are also doing very well. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

KAT-TUN “Yuichi Nakamaru” will make his long-sought manga artist debut… Other members of “Jani-no Channer” are also doing very well.

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Yuichi Nakamaru of “KAT-TUN” holding a tapioca drink captured by this magazine after location shooting.

Established in April 2009, “Janino Channel,” a YouTube channel led by Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi and featuring Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN, Ryosuke Yamada of Hey! JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada, and Sexy Zone’s Kazuma Kikuchi, and has 3.84 million subscribers (as of June 3, 2011). Not only Ninomiya, who is currently active as an actor and variety show producer, but the other three members are also showing remarkable performance.

On May 25, it was announced that Nakamaru will make his “manga artist debut. Nakamaru, who has had the goal of becoming a manga artist for some time, opened a Twitter account on March 22 of this year and reported that he would tweet about his “progress toward manga publication” and other topics.

Nakamaru, who has since been showing his actual illustrations and work in progress, will make his long-awaited debut as a manga artist in the August issue of the youth comic magazine “Monthly Afternoon” (Kodansha), which will go on sale on June 23.

Nakamaru will be in charge of the short-run serial “Yamada-kun no Zawamu Jikan” (Yamada-kun’s Buzzing Time), which will be a short story about a young man, Yamada Oichi, in his daily life. In a tweet dated March 23, Yamada confided that being a manga artist was “a dream I gave up when I was in junior high school,” so fans are very happy with the announcement.

Yamada’s drama “The King’s Dedicated Ring Finger” (TBS), which is airing in the April season, is also very popular. In the drama, Yamada plays the role of a “Dosu sergeant,” and viewers commented, “Yamada Ryosuke is so cool!

I knew Ryosuke Yamada was cool, but his performance in “The King’s Dedicated Ring Finger” is especially badass. I’m going to become a fan.

I’m not a fan myself, but I’m sure I’m going to be a fan of this drama. I’m not a fan myself, but Yamada-san in this drama is too much of a prince.

Yamada Ryosuke’s facial expressions in the drama are a visual explosion!

Yamada Ryosuke is exploding with visual appeal! It seems that even those who are not “Yamada fans” are falling for his charms through the drama.

Yamada was not the leading actor in this drama, but played opposite actress Kanna Hashimoto, which was unusual for Yamada, who has starred in many dramas since she was a teenager. (Entertainment writer)

Kikuchi, 28 years old and the youngest member of “Janino-channeru,” has appeared in a series of dramas since the beginning of this year, including “Original Drama W Giver Taker” (WOWOW, broadcast from January to February) and “Daihyoin Sukyaku” (Nippon TV, broadcast in January), and also appeared in a late night drama “The Man Next Door Eats Well” (TV Tokyo) in the April season. (TV Tokyo), in which he plays a double lead role with actress Kurashina Kana.

Furthermore, according to the official website of Johnny’s, Kikuchi has appeared in four commercials. This record is the highest among the members of Sexy Zone, and he has been in a variety of TV dramas, commercials, and variety shows.

On the other hand, Kikuchi’s stock in the company has just been raised by a recent radio interview in which he referred to the “smell allegations” against him.

A theory has emerged among Johnny’s fans that Kikuchi and Mamiko (Suzuki Maiko) of the rap unit chelmico may be dating. There was a fuss about the similarities in their personal clothing and accessories. Kikuchi was also aware of the rumors and said in “Sexy Zone’s Qrzone” (Bunka Hoso, broadcast May 16), “I’ll tell you the conclusion. I don’t smell anything now or in the future! He kicked her with a laugh, saying, “You don’t, do you? As expected,” he said with a laugh, “there is no such thing, is there? Fans on social networking sites were moved by his denial of the allegations, saying, “I can trust Kazuma as an idol for denying the allegations of smelling on me.

Thus, the members of “Janino’s Channel” are showing their talents in various fields. YouTube itself, where the four successful members have gathered, has also seen a series of video views exceeding the one million mark. How far will this momentum continue?

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