Lions “Women’s Fan Day” also miscalculated by the prestigious brand “COACH,” which collaborated with Hotaka Yamakawa “for filing a police report. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Lions “Women’s Fan Day” also miscalculated by the prestigious brand “COACH,” which collaborated with Hotaka Yamakawa “for filing a police report.

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Hotaka Yamakawa of the Seibu Lions was arrested. It was a “lioness day” for female fans, but ……

Hotaka Yamakawa of the Seibu Lions professional baseball team has been charged with forcible sexual intercourse with a woman. He has already been struck from the first-team roster, and even if the charges are dismissed, it is believed that he will not be able to play this season.

Yamakawa, last year’s home run and batting average double champion and a WBC participant, has cast a dark shadow over the team. The departure of the main gun of the team is of course a downgrade in terms of the team’s strength, but it seems that the psychological damage is even greater than that.

After the Yamakawa incident was reported on May 11, the team’s performance slumped, falling to fifth place and losing consecutive games to the Orix on May 27, resulting in an 11-game losing streak.

Despite the team’s poor performance, the Seibu Lions held a women’s fan day from May 26 to 28. Named “Lion Day” in reference to the team’s mascot, the lion, the event was supposed to attract more female fans. ……

The event was named “Lion Day” in reference to the lion mascot, and was supposed to attract even more female fans. The limited edition uniforms with the brand’s logo and the dinosaur character ‘Rexy’ printed on the back were distributed free of charge to visitors (on the 27th only; ¥1,000 on the 26th and 28th).

Even a T-shirt was a luxury brand, costing more than 20,000 yen. The free distribution of these items would have been a big hit, even among Lions fans.

Recently, the Giants collaborated with Yohji Yamamoto last year. The Giants also collaborated with hat brand NEW ERA for the WBC, and it is not uncommon for the baseball and fashion industries to be linked.

But this time, the collaboration with COACH, a popular brand among women, should have attracted even more attention. Yet, due to Yamakawa’s scandalous behavior, female fans shunned the collaboration. Neither the baseball team nor the brand could make a big appeal, which was a major miscalculation.

We asked COACH Japan about the collaboration with the Seibu Lions,

COACH, which was founded in New York in 1941, manufactures men’s leather goods inspired by leather that becomes more supple as it is used, like a baseball glove.

The collaboration with the Seibu Lions was born out of the affinity for baseball,” he commented. When asked about the impact of Yamakawa’s scandal, which was reported at the worst possible time, he replied, “We are sorry, but we are in a position to comment on the situation,

I asked him about the impact of the Yamakawa scandal, which was reported at the worst possible time.

He said, “I am sorry, but we are not in a position to comment.

The Seibu Lions have been in a slump since Yamakawa’s scandal. His scandal seems to have affected not only the baseball world, but also the fashion industry.

COACH uniforms collaborated on Lioness Day, which were distributed free of charge on the 27th. …… (from the official website of the baseball team)
COACH is such a prestigious brand that even Kim Taku and Shizuka Kudo’s second daughter, Koki, is a fan (from COACH’s official Instagram).
WBC warrior Sousuke Genda (right) and Shuta Tonozaki (left), who plays second base for the WBC, returned to the team on Lioness Day (from the official Instagram of the baseball team).
  • PHOTO Yasuko Sakaguchi (Yamakawa)

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