Coughing and coughing, he apologized repeatedly…Kinpuri’s Shiyoh Hirano revealed his “professionalism and the reason why he left” in an interview. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Coughing and coughing, he apologized repeatedly…Kinpuri’s Shiyoh Hirano revealed his “professionalism and the reason why he left” in an interview.

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On May 22, the five members of the popular group “King & Prince” came to the end of their activities. 5 years was a short time, but the brilliance they gave was so great that even after their activities came to an end, their fans are still regretting their departure by visiting their sacred places.

Writers who have covered the members of KIMPURI many times probably share this sentiment. We wondered how they are feeling now. We decided to ask them about their memories, especially their most memorable ones, although this is not a memorial. To my surprise, many of them mentioned the professionalism of Shiyoh Hirano, a member of the group.

Hirano-san was the most interviewed member of the group because of his many solo activities. I was most impressed by the fact that no matter how busy he was, he never showed any signs of fatigue.

One time, there was a project that would not have been possible without Mr. Hirano’s participation. We were forced to find time for an interview, so we had to do a 30-minute interview late at night during a break in travel. Mr. Hirano must have been extremely tired at that time. He was coughing repeatedly. He apologized repeatedly, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” and did his best to answer any questions I asked, not showing any signs of fatigue throughout the interview. I was impressed by his professionalism, but at the same time I was worried that he might collapse. I was worried that he might collapse.

Switching on early in the morning

Another writer also shared this impression.

At the end of the year, the members of Kimpuri are extremely busy with various TV appearances. But when there is a big group event ahead, magazines have to cover it at least two months before the event to make it in time, so there is often a lot of coverage around the end of the year.

So they force us to make time for them early in the morning, but as you can imagine, everyone looks sleepy. …… Some of the members seemed to be in a daze at the beginning of the interview, but Mr. Hirano seemed to be the only one who always seemed to be properly turned on. I felt that their consciousness was a little different.

On the other hand, many writers answered that they were impressed by Hirano’s strong feelings toward Mr. Kitagawa.

He answered every question with sincerity, but when I asked him about Mr. Janney, his enthusiasm was a little different. He seemed to be serious about his true feelings as an individual rather than as a talent in the office. For me, it would have been enough to get a comment or two, but he answered at great length. I was getting impatient as the remaining time for the interview was running low.

Some of the writers seemed to have detected the reason for his departure from the company.

He said with a sincere look in his eyes, ‘I have to realize Mr. Janney’s dream. He did not clearly say what that dream was, but I guess it was something he could never concede that he could not realize.

So I am sure he will definitely challenge that dream later on. If possible, I would like to interview him again at that time and hear various stories,” said a freelance editor and writer.

Fukuzawa Yukichi once said, “He who does not advance must retreat, and he who does not retreat must advance. What will be the future of the Kimpuri members?

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