No family discomfort & unexpected treasures…A “man’s life after death” that doesn’t leave behind a lot of adult DVDs after one’s own death is a hot topic. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No family discomfort & unexpected treasures…A “man’s life after death” that doesn’t leave behind a lot of adult DVDs after one’s own death is a hot topic.

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About 400,000 DVDs are piled up in Tone Bookstore’s purchase center.

Suppose, for example, that you have passed away. Your wife, sons, and daughters, who have gone through the funeral with all their might in the midst of grief, examine every nook and cranny of your room to sort through your belongings. Then… a cardboard box appears from the back of the closet. Inside are a large number of dubious DVDs and magazines…. You were supposed to be a good husband and a good father, but your “back face”, which is covered with your special sexual proclivities, has left the bereaved family members in a state of shock and sadness. ……

In order to prevent such a tragedy from happening, people are now calling for “men’s end-of-life activities.

It may not be necessary to explain this at this point, but “lifetime activity” is an activity for the end of one’s life. The easiest way to imagine it is to decide about funerals, graves, and inheritance in case of “what if” situations. However, for some men, “men’s end-of-life activities” are just as important, and potentially a social issue, as disposing of the adult-related “treasures” that they have accumulated and loved so much.

Tone Shoten, a cell video chain with 29 stores mainly in the northern Kanto region, has been actively calling for “men’s end-of-life activities” since this spring. Mr. Akira Kamei, the public relations manager, said the following.

When we were gathering information within the company, we found that we receive four to five inquiries a month from customers asking what they should do with a large number of adult DVDs left behind by the deceased. As the bereaved family, we couldn’t simply put them in the trash, and many existing reuse stores wouldn’t take them. They didn’t know how to dispose of them. Therefore, we are calling for ‘men’s end-of-life activities’ in which they organize their own adult goods before their death so that the bereaved family members will not be troubled after their death.”

According to Mr. Kamei, the following are some of the questions he received.

∙ “I want to dispose of my belongings before entering an institution due to dementia” (consulted through a handyman).

When I was sorting through my late father’s belongings, I found a large number of adult DVDs and was having trouble disposing of them.

I found a large number of adult DVDs when I went to my deceased brother’s apartment to sort through his belongings. I wanted to get rid of them, so what should I do?”

The store buys DVDs and other items both in person and online. Since personal information is required for purchase, those who do not want to reveal their personal information can choose to have their DVDs “disposed of. According to Kamei, he does not know the extent to which “men’s end-of-life” activities are being conducted at this point. This is because few people go to the trouble of declining to have their items picked up for “end-of-life” purposes when the owners themselves request the purchase or disposal of their items. However, an 86-year-old man who sends us summer greeting cards is probably regularly buying things online to minimize the amount of money he has on hand, and a man in his 60s said he wanted to dispose of his belongings because he and his children were moving in together. Another man in his 60s said, “I want to get rid of it because my kids and I are going to move in together.

We had a customer in his 60s who bought about 14,000 DVDs, although we are not sure if he got rid of them as part of his life’s work, since they were purchased online. That’s enough DVDs to open a small store (laughs). (Laughs) This is, of course, the highest number of DVDs ever purchased at our store. (Laughs.) The cardboard boxes we use to purchase new DVDs contain 200 DVDs each, so that is 70 boxes of DVDs. We had to charter a truck to transport them. I can’t disclose the purchase price, but it was a fortune.

In addition to DVDs, the company also buys magazines, books, DVDs with accompanying materials, fanzines, and other items. The Fukaya store we visited has a wide range of treasures that could be described as “genre heritage,” including photo books of legendary actresses of the past and a series of paperback photo books popular in the 1980s, such as “Madonna Mate Photo Albums. I can only say that there are so many DVDs that it is hard to know what is what. However, this is an important point for enthusiasts.

The store has a system whereby the newer the DVD, the higher the price, and the more expensive it is to buy a DVD from a hot-selling actress or manufacturer. In other words, prices are not set according to the rarity or popularity of individual titles, so it can be said that there are many “bargains” that have not yet been dug up.

In fact, the porn industry is also becoming more and more strictly regulated, perhaps as a result of self-imposed regulations. There are many genres that have been discontinued since the Tokyo Olympics, such as outdoor exposure and bus tours. In addition, the industry itself is tapering off due to the new AV law and other factors, so some of the older works are more extreme.

The DVD medium itself is also declining rapidly. Tone Shoten’s clientele is made up of 70% people in their 40s to 60s. Younger people don’t watch DVDs. That is why we are increasing our sales of adult goods,” says Kamei.

As for VHS, the store is no longer able to handle them. The demand for VHS is too small and it costs money to dispose of them in the garbage, so stocking them is a risk. The same may eventually happen with DVDs.

In order not to disappoint your family after your death, and before your treasures end up in the garbage, you may want to consider a “man’s end of life” plan.

Some of the DVDs for sale are displayed without their packaging. Finding the one you are looking for among them is truly a “treasure hunt.
Since DVDs themselves are not selling well, the store also carries a variety of love goods.
The peak time for DVDs sent for purchase is at the beginning of the week after Saturday and Sunday.

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