Former fiancee releases full text of letter to Kei Komuro, meeting tonight | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former fiancee releases full text of letter to Kei Komuro, meeting tonight

The letter was written on six sheets of letterhead, expressing his sincere feelings.

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The letter that Mr. A was sending

Kei Komuro’s trip to the U.S. is almost upon us, and it is reported that he will be leaving on November 14. Today, just before the flight, Kei Komuro and his former fiancee A, who had a “4 million yen financial dispute” with his mother Kayo, are having a meeting as reported by FRIDAY.

We don’t know the full story of what the two will discuss, but this magazine obtained a letter that Mr. A sent to Ms. Komuro before the meeting. In the letter, Ms. A candidly expresses her feelings for Kei Komuro and her sincere desire to have a face-to-face discussion.

It is likely that Mr. A will convey his feelings to Ms. Kei and proceed with the discussion. Here is the full text of the letter.

(Incidentally, “Attorney Ueshiba” in the letter refers to Mr. Naofumi Ueshiba, the lawyer representing the Komuro family, and “Toshikatsu-san” refers to Mr. Komuro’s late father.

(Errors and omissions were corrected and paragraphs were adjusted as necessary by the editorial staff.

“I wanted to put as little burden on her as possible.”

Mr. Kei Komuro

This is my first letter to Kei-kun.

I’m sure you must be living a restless life, having returned to Japan amidst a great deal of attention and having made the big decision to get married.

I am happy to see that Kei-kun has grown up and studied hard in his new environment. I hope you are feeling better now that you are back from the US. Even though it was during the quarantine period, I’m sure he was able to nourish himself by eating Kayo’s homemade food for the first time in a long time.

I never imagined that I would have to write this letter to Kei-kun. We once cancelled the negotiations, but after Kei’s sentence was published in April this year and the proposal for a settlement was made afterwards, I have been involved in the discussions again through my agent.
I don’t think that Kei, who was in the U.S., could understand how I felt during this time.

I believe that Attorney Ueshiba has informed me of the situation, but I don’t know how, so I decided to write this letter to tell him directly.

Last month, I received a suggestion from Attorney Ueshiba that Kei-kun could replace Kayo-san in proposing a settlement. When I heard that, I was happy to meet Kei-kun, but I wanted to avoid meeting him at the meeting to discuss the proposal of the settlement as much as possible.

This was because I didn’t want to burden Kei-kun as much as possible due to my relationship with Toshikatsu-san, with whom I was very close.

In addition, the financial issue was a personal matter between Kayo and me, and since only the two of us knew about the exchange of money, I had never thought of anyone other than Kayo as the person to discuss it with.

I myself had always thought that I didn’t want Kei-kun to hear about such things.

I’ve always told her that I thought about the money issue separately from Kei’s marriage, and I truly believe that.

If the money issue is affecting Kei’s marriage, I feel distressed and apologize.

I also learned about Mako’s illness from the news reports.

If it was caused by the financial problems between Kayo and I, I feel that I have done something that cannot be undone.

In the past, I told Kayo that I would not meet her or ask her for money, and I stopped negotiating with her.

That was because I read Mako’s text last fall and felt that the financial issues between me and Kayo were an obstacle to Kei’s marriage.

I didn’t know that Kei’s text would be published after that, or that there would be a proposal for a settlement, and I thought there was no way that negotiations would be resumed.

I told Mr. Ueshiba that I wanted to know Kei’s intention to propose a settlement.

This is because I wanted to know what Kei-kun, who wrote the letter in April, was really thinking.

It’s now mid-October, and I still haven’t heard back from him.

When I read that text, I was shocked. I felt that it was not written by the Kei-kun that I knew.

I imagine that there must have been complicated circumstances.

That is why I wanted to know Kei’s intentions before meeting him in person. Ueshiba’s lawyer repeatedly told me that the contents of the letter might be leaked.

I couldn’t understand why he was so insistent. I don’t need any information that I don’t want to be leaked.

I just want you to face it straight.

There was no way that Kei-kun was faking his desire to make a proposal on behalf of his mother, and I couldn’t understand why he was so concerned about it being leaked when he was conveying his feelings.

The two are expected to come to the U.S. soon.

When the negotiations began, I told Kayo that I would meet her and that I wanted her to return the money I had lent her.

Kei might have found it strange that I kept saying that I wanted to see Kayo.

I have no regrets about what happened between Kayo-san and me, although there were many circumstances.

Rather than money, I wanted to meet with Kayo first to clear up any misunderstandings that may have arisen from the past.

If I don’t do this, the time I spent with Kei-kun and Kayo-san will be ruined.

I wanted to avoid that for Toshikatsu-san’s sake. For me, that time was not only a time for Kei-kun to go to school, study abroad and become an adult, but also a time to be a substitute parent.

The reason I asked for the money back was because at that time, my income had been cut in half, I had to give up my car and apartment, and I felt that my future life would be difficult.

I wanted to make sure that you understood that.

I still commute to work every weekday. It is physically challenging at times, but I am grateful for it.

I cannot afford it, but I am able to make a living.

With Kayo’s health problems and Mako’s illness, I don’t want to cause you any more heartache than I already have.

If Kei-kun wants to make a proposal on behalf of Kayo, I just want to have an honest talk with him alone.

I have no intention of divulging anything that might cause trouble to Kei-kun if we are both satisfied.

I’m not going to tell Kei-kun anything that might cause him trouble if we are both satisfied.

I will also face it honestly.

In fact, I wanted to talk about it with Kayo-san, but I was told that it would take years for her to recover and that it would be difficult to see her, so I made that decision.

I can’t imagine what Kei-kun’s situation is, but I’m sure he has special circumstances.

He may not be able to act on his own.

But I think that in order to solve the problem, mutual understanding is required more than anything else.

It is an undeniable fact that I want to congratulate Kei-kun. I hope that you will understand my feelings and let me know what Kei-kun’s intentions are.

That’s all I can say to Kei-kun now.

I’m sure he doesn’t have time to enjoy his first time in Japan in a long time. I am also sincerely sorry that the problems between Kayo and I have caused you so much heartache.

However, I decided to write this long-winded letter in the hope that you will understand my feelings. I sincerely hope that Kei-kun’s new life will be a wonderful one. Please accept my best regards.

I wonder how Kei Komuro is feeling about Ms. A’s thoughts now.

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