Gershwin, a “nomad” who fears arrest, aims to win supporters by appealing “vs. state power. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershwin, a “nomad” who fears arrest, aims to win supporters by appealing “vs. state power.

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Ghasi is still in the UAE and has not returned to Japan… (from his official YouTube channel)

Ghasi (Yoshikazu Azumaya), who has fallen from a member of the Diet to a “wanted man,” continues to attract attention.

While a warrant has been issued for his arrest for violating the Violent Activities Law (habitual threats) by threatening actor Go Ayano and others, he is still on the run in Dubai, UAE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an order for the return of his passport, and the suspect is expected to be declared an “illegal alien” soon, but depending on the Dubai authorities’ investigation, he may be able to get away with it.

Japanese police authorities, exasperated, are exerting pressure on the suspect by raiding the family home in Hyogo Prefecture where his mother lives and washing the accounts of his sister, who was managing his YouTube video income. In an attempt to further reduce Gershie’s ability to transmit his messages, they also asked the companies that operate Tweekas and TikTok to delete their accounts. The two accounts were soon frozen.

As for Gurthy himself, he responded to this by saying, “I’m going to Instagram next,” after Tweekas and TikTok were frozen.

Next will be Instagram,” he said.

He has remained bullish, saying, “Next will be Instagram.

Gershie has a paid online salon called “GASYLE,” which is managed by his “family” on a server, so it is difficult for the authorities to touch him.

Although we have temporarily stopped exposing the story so as not to provoke the police, the number of paying subscribers remains in the tens of thousands. Since the source of income has been secured, it seems that there is still room for improvement.

The authorities have been investigating the “flow of money” of Gershie for some time. If money laundering or other illegal activities are confirmed, measures such as seizing bank accounts may be considered.

However, the authorities have not been able to fully analyze the situation at this point,” said a source at a TV station.

However, “at this point, it seems that the analysis has not been completed yet,” according to a TV station official.

According to YouTube distributor Korekore, Garcee is doing well even as social networking services are being frozen one after another,

“We are also going to start a new platform of our own making,” he announced.

“We are also starting a new platform of our own making,” he announced. Mr. Korekore said

Gacy is going to start a new social networking site called “Gacyter,” “Gacycas,” and “Gacytoku. We’re going to create a new platform, so we don’t mind the freeze,” he analyzed.

He analyzed the situation.

I don’t know how far these new home-grown social networking sites will penetrate, but it’s true that Gershie has some ardent supporters. Gershie wants to present this case as a ‘lonely battle against state power. He thinks that by doing so, he will attract supporters, in other words, people who will help him financially.

On the 7th, Gershie appeared in a YouTube video of “XX-Batsu2/Batsu2,” and he said that he had frozen Tweekas and TikTok.

I’m detoxing from social networking sites, so I’m doing very well.

I’m going to quit LINE and everything. About her current living location

I just moved to a new place. I won’t tell you where, but I’m in the UAE. There are many cities, but I am moving from one place to another.

He revealed that he leads a “nomadic” life.

The reason I move from one place to another is to evade arrest. At the same time, we assume that there are people who are supporting Gershwin.

If this were in Japan, we would have put pressure on the collaborators by flashing the charge of evading the crime, but since it happened in Dubai, and the collaborators are all people who have no intention of going to Japan, there is nothing we can do.

If they get away with it, the Japanese police’s reputation will be shattered. At home and abroad

“If they get away with this, it will destroy the reputation of the Japanese police both in Japan and abroad.

(reporter for a national newspaper) If they get away with it, the Japanese police’s reputation will be shattered. It is truly a race against time.

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