Some women fell in love at first sight with the men who shouted… Why the “Japan Loving Wives Association,” a group of men who love their wives, shout their love in the cabbage patch | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Some women fell in love at first sight with the men who shouted… Why the “Japan Loving Wives Association,” a group of men who love their wives, shout their love in the cabbage patch

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Have you ever heard of the “Japan Loving Wives Association? It is an organization of men who love their wives very much, and has designated January 31st (sai) as “Aisiwives’ Day” in reference to the word “Aisai” (loving wife).

Japanese men are very shy from a global perspective. So, the Japan Wife Lovers Association asked itself, “Where is the best place to express our love to our wives without being shy? –Yes, let’s shout out our love in the center of a cabbage field! We started our activities with a very simple entrance: “Let’s shout our love in the center of a cabbage patch!

Ryuta Kosuge, 47, deputy secretary general of the Japan Wives’ Association (hereafter referred to as “the Association”), laughs as he explains that since its establishment in 2004, the Association has been developing a nationwide project that parodies the title of the movie “Crying Out Love in the Center of a Cabbage Patch” (hereafter referred to as “Cabbage Choo”).

The “Japan Wives’ Association,” which was featured on the U.S. news program “CNN,” was established to promote the “loving wife” lifestyle. The association is now accepting applications for participation in “Cabbage Chew,” which is held every year from August to September!

Why “cabbage”?

Tsumagoi Village, located on the western edge of Gunma Prefecture, is the headquarters of the association. Tsumagoi Village, located at the western edge of Gunma Prefecture, is the headquarter of the association and is the largest exporter of summer and autumn cabbages in Japan. However, there were few tourists and the village was not very active. I looked up the origin of the village name and found a nice story about “a village in love with its wife. The association’s secretary general said to me, “Why don’t you do a ‘Cabbage Chew’? When I tried “Cavetu,” the media picked it up as an unusual project, and it spread quickly.

One day, a single male reporter who came to the village to cover the event shouted out his love for his wife, and another female reporter who was watching actually fell in love with him at first sight and went out with him. Nowadays, a “dedicated shouting stand” has been set up just for shouting love, and a road sign “Aisai no Oka” (hill of loving wives) has been approved as a hotspot for love. Tourists are now stopping by the area as a popular driving spot, and I hear that it is also creating interaction with the people of the village,” said Kosuge.

Standing on the “dedicated shouting platform,” one is said to be prepared for anything. The stand has watched over many couples and married couples.
Gunma Prefecture built “Aisai no Oka” (Hill of Loving Wives) in 2008. It has become a popular driving and sightseeing spot.

Since its establishment until today, more than 500 couples have cried out their love. Mr. Kosuge himself was once troubled by his marital relationship.

I was always shy by nature, lacking confidence in my work and child rearing, and my relationship with my wife was strained. It was then that I happened to attend a cross-industrial exchange meeting, I met him at and contacted him after hearing the contact information of the Executive Director from a person who was cooperating in our activities. I was invited to join “CABETCHU”. I apologized for my past immorality toward my wife and shouted out loud my love and appreciation for her, which I had never expressed to her. “Oh, that’s all you did?” You may think, “Oh, that’s it? But just by doing something as simple as that, you can easily change your life,” said Kosuge.

According to Kosuge, seven students from the School of Commerce at Meiji University who agreed with the association’s slogan, “Don’t be shy to share your love,” formed the “Tsumagoi Group” after participating in “Cabechew.

I am very grateful that our activities have been sympathized with by young people. The other day, when I met the Tsumagoi group members for the first time in more than ten years, all seven of them were married and had children. …… Considering that my daughter (17) is approaching the age when she is supporting “cabecchu” , I was very deeply moved.

In the past, “marriage was the goal” and early marriage was the norm, but today’s young people have developed a social mindset and discuss partnerships more closely. The COVID-19 crisis has led to an increase in the number of mature divorces, but I believe that the divorce rate among young people will decrease. In future Japan, I hope to see a world where married couples whisper their love to each other on a daily basis.

In a world full of love refugees, I hope that people will recognize the value of their wives, the “strangers closest to them.

Mr. Kiyotaka Yamana (right), Secretary General of the “Japan Loving Wives Association,” and his wife, Kimiko (left), who founded the association. They attend each other’s lectures as much as their schedules allow and give each other advice, making them the best partners in both their private and public lives.
Mr. and Mrs. Sakai, members of the association. Their marriage has improved since “Cavetu,” and they are now self-recognized as “loving wives. They smile every day and say that they are “happy” because they get along well with their family and get along well with their work.
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