Hikari Mitsushima, Ryoko Yonekura, Juri Ueno, Jun Kaname… “Treasured Images” of Popular Actors and Actresses Who Became Free | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hikari Mitsushima, Ryoko Yonekura, Juri Ueno, Jun Kaname… “Treasured Images” of Popular Actors and Actresses Who Became Free

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Kaname Jun announced his independence on April 1.

I will continue to aim for new heights as an actor, and I will face my work with even more sincerity.

Actor Kaname Jun (42) updated his Instagram on April 1 to report that he has become independent from Flip Up, the entertainment agency to which he has belonged for 22 years since his debut. The website of the office also included a statement informing Kaname of his departure,

We respect Kaname’s wish to expand his activities overseas and will continue to support him in achieving his goals.

The report stated, “Kaname has been a member of the Kaname family since 2001.

Kaname made his debut in “Kamen Rider Agito” in 2001 and attracted a lot of attention. Kaname, who had a strong desire to go abroad from a young age, auditioned for the Hollywood movie “The Last Samurai” the following year and was accepted, but Kaname himself has said in the past that he had to turn it down because it conflicted with the filming of the daytime drama “Shin Ai no Arashi” (Fuji TV). It seems that Kaname cannot give up his dream of going abroad as an actor,” said an entertainment agency executive.

Kaname has appeared in the drama “Fixer” (WOWOW) starring Toshiaki Karasawa (59), which will start airing in April, and the movie “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room,” which will be released in April, and it is believed that he will gradually save his domestic work for overseas expansion in the future. In the past few years, many actors who are considered big names or veterans have gone independent, but what kind of activities are they doing now?

Yonekura Ryoko (47)

In March 2008, Yonekura became independent from “Oscar Promotion” to which she had belonged for 27 years. Yonekura explains the reason for her independence,

I began to feel a gap between my potential and what the public thinks of me” (April 26, “Shabekuri 007,” Nippon Television Network Corporation).

(April 26, “Shabekuri 007,” Nippon Television Network). Yonekura has not appeared in any terrestrial dramas since becoming independent. Many fans are eagerly awaiting a sequel to the hit drama series “Doctor X” (TV Asahi), and this character may be the “gap” that Yonekura feels.

Hikari Mitsushima (37)

Hikari Mitsushima (37) left “Humanite” in March 2006. At the time, it was said that she left the company amicably,

“I heard that there was quite a dispute from the selection of works to the financial aspect. It was difficult to use an actor who had a falling out with the agency in a drama, and for a while after he left, he did not appear in any notable dramas.

So it is said. In June 2007, his younger brother, Shinnosuke Mitsushima (33), also left Humanite, thinking of his sister. The reason is said to have been to prevent her isolation. The following month, the sister and brother performed together on stage. Mitsushima finally returned to terrestrial drama in the April season of last year’s “10 Counts to the Future” (TV Asahi), a drama starring Takuya Kimura (50).

…Juri Ueno (36)

She left “Amuse” on March 31, 2010. It was announced that she had formed a business alliance with “Don-crew,” an entertainment agency headed by her former manager, and that the company would handle her management duties. Ueno made the comment on her official website. He said that he became independent on the occasion of his 20th year of activity and wrote words of gratitude to the agency. He is still as active as he was before he left the company.

Yutaka Takenouchi (52)

On December 31, 2009, Takenouchi left “Kenon,” to which he had belonged for 26 years. Takenouchi gave the reason for his resignation,

Takenouchi commented, “I reached this decision because I felt the urge to change my environment at the age of 50, and I wanted to make a fresh start from the beginning with a new heart.

He also commented, “I am still actively involved in dramas, movies, and TV dramas. He continues to appear energetically in dramas and movies.

Kento Kaku (33)

He left “Amuse” in September 2010. He updated his Instagram and commented, “I’m in my 30s, and I’ve been working all over the world,

As I enter my 30s, I have access to works from all over the world, and I have been asking myself whether I can continue as I am as an actor and an expressive person, and what I want to do. I have been asking myself these questions for a long time. I have gradually become more and more eager to challenge myself and see how far I can go on my own. I told the company that from now on I want to take responsibility on an individual basis and challenge myself to do what I want to do without regret, and they gladly sent me on my way.”

He explained politely. Kaname also appears in the movie “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room,” which opens in April.

Kuriyama Chiaki (38)

In March 2010, she left “Spacecraft Entertainment,” to which she had belonged for 30 years since she was 5 years old. She had many discussions with the agency and left amicably. Since leaving the agency, she has continued to act in movies and TV dramas.

Ryoko Yonekura (’20) during the filming of the Netflix original drama “Newspaper Reporter”.
Hikari Mitsushima shows up at a restaurant where her co-starring brother, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, is waiting for her after a stage appearance (’19).
During the filming of “Is it a Sustainable Love? (TBS) in 2010.
Ueno Juri dining at a cafe with her husband, Sho Wada, 47, vocalist of the rock band TRICERATOPS, in ’16.
Takenouchi went shopping at a supermarket and went straight home to her house where she lives with her mother in ’21.
Kento Kaku leaving the theater after a performance of “Love in Venice Madness” at the New National Theatre, Tokyo in ’19.
Chiaki Kuriyama shopping at a supermarket with a big trunk (in ’16)
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