If it’s not your favorite staff member, you get cranky… Jessica Michibata: “I have to prepare several kinds of yogurt” Legend of Glory and Arrogance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

If it’s not your favorite staff member, you get cranky… Jessica Michibata: “I have to prepare several kinds of yogurt” Legend of Glory and Arrogance

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Jessica smiles happily at her wedding to a former Formula 1 racer (PHOTO: Backgrid/Afro)

A fall from glory.

Jessica Michibata (38), who had reached the height of her glory as a very popular model, was arrested. She is suspected of possessing the synthetic drug MDMA. How did she end up in this mess? We would like to go back to her “glory days” to find out.

What kind of model was she in her prime (around 1998)? One of the staff members on the photo shoot at the time recalls, “She was just so radiant and arrogant.

When I was working with her, she was so sought after that there was probably no women’s magazine that she didn’t appear in. She was very popular among readers, and in fact, the issues with her on the cover sold well. That said, she was also a bit arrogant.

The hardest thing was to choose the right staff. She only wanted to work with people she liked, but if she couldn’t get her favorite stylist or photographer, she would get into a very bad mood. She would often get angry at some point and stop the shoot.

But the pictures were always great. I am sure that her eccentric personality was a source of her charm.

I can’t drink because I reek of alcohol.

She is indeed a first-rate model. Her proportions are off the charts.

In fact, as we proceeded with our interview, episodes that would surprise even foreign celebrities came up one after another.

When we were filming her, we had to prepare yogurt for breakfast. But the yogurt she wanted to eat changed depending on her mood that day, so she prepared several kinds of yogurt: with fruit, sugar-free, and Greek yogurt ……. I remember that she was very particular about what else she ate and was extremely careful” (another film crew member).

“Before the fashion show event, wine was served backstage as an economic stimulus. Everyone said, ‘Let’s make a toast! But even then, I remember people saying, ‘No champagne? I can’t drink this stuff because it reeks of alcohol. But after the stage was over, he said, “I’m thirsty! I laughed at him. It was hilarious.

A staff member of a women’s magazine recalls the days when Jessica was active.

At the time, there was a boom in the popularity of Paris Hilton, who was a boisterous celebrity, and it was a time when being selfish was more valuable than being selfish. With this background, there were many other models who took things at their own pace. Among them, she was by far the best (laugh).

Looking back on it now, everyone was energetic and vigorous. Magazines were still selling well at that time, and it was a very energetic and rewarding experience. That’s why, if what happened to her this time is true, I’m so sad to see what happened to her.

Jessica Michibata has denied knowing about the charges. We will have to wait and see what happens next.

She is indeed a first-rate model. She has excellent proportions.
As one would expect from a first-rate model. Excellent proportions
At a wedding with a former F1 racer. From left to right: Angelica, Jessica, and Karen.
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