Metropolitan Police Department Uncovers “Adult Theme Park Where You Can Have a Drink with an AV Actress”! This magazine interviewed female employees and their contents. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Metropolitan Police Department Uncovers “Adult Theme Park Where You Can Have a Drink with an AV Actress”! This magazine interviewed female employees and their contents.

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A view of the interior of “SOD Girl’s Employee Bar” (Akihabara)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department busted “SOD LAND,” a restaurant operated by major AV manufacturer Soft on Demand (hereinafter SOD), arresting two people on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Establishments Control Law on April 14 for allegedly allowing female employees to entertain customers without a license.

SOD LAND opened on October 10, 2008, under the general direction of businessman and adult film director, Kanari Takahashi, 64, who is also known as the founder of SOD and a judge on “Money no Tora” (Nippon Television Network). The sales pitch is “theme park for adults,” and all five floors from B1F to 4F are restaurant buildings with different concepts. It seems to have been quite prosperous because you can actually have a drink with popular AV actresses” (sex industry writer).

Let’s take a look at the concept of each floor…

B1 is “SOD Girls’ Employee Bar Uv New Employee Store,” which is said to be the original “SOD LAND” and is a sister store concept of “SOD Girls’ Employee Bar,” which opened in Akihabara in ’18. On the 2nd floor is the “Kakubutsu Salon,” a girls’ bar-style floor where you can enjoy drinks with prostitutes while having sexual harassment talk and erotic diagnosis. The “Silent Bar” on the 4th floor is a bar where you can enjoy watching sexy bartenders in swimsuits through a magic mirror. Admission is 2,750 yen per hour including tax. The admission fee is 2,750 yen per hour including tax, with an automatic extension of 1,100 yen for each additional 30 minutes. All drinks on each floor are charged.

As it is a restaurant and not a sex store, the basic rule is ‘don’t touch the girls. Since women were allowed to enter the restaurant, there were actually quite a few female customers.

In September of last year, this magazine covered the “SOD Girls’ Employee Bar” in Akihabara. The interior of the bar was a standing izakaya-style bar, and the lighting was quite bright. On the wall of the bar, there is a white board with the schedules of the AV girls who are the cast members, and the drink menu is posted in various places. There are many drinks on the menu that at first glance do not look familiar, such as “Throwing Chu-hi” and “High Touch High Ball. The “female employees,” as they are called, wear tight white shirts and black mini-skirts, but their skin is not so revealing. Michiko (pseudonym, 26), who agreed to be interviewed that day, is an office worker by profession and works part-time two to three days a week. Michiko said, “I originally came to the ‘Girls’ Employee Bar.

I used to come here occasionally to have a drink because there was an AV actress I liked working at the bar. Eventually I started to think that I wanted to work with AV actresses too, so I came to work here. I have always loved talking about sex with men, so I really enjoy working here.

She smiled with a big smile on her face. Although contact with customers was not allowed, she offered a game in which customers could press their breasts and faces against each other through an acrylic board. A SOD official commented on the latest revelation.

It is true that porn stars were working there and providing customer service, but all contact was NG, so there was no awareness that it was a sex business at all.

SOD made the following comment on March 16.

However, SOD LAND explained, “With regard to SOD LAND, when we received guidance from the police, we have taken care to respond appropriately and in accordance with the guidance, but we take this arrest seriously and will cooperate with future investigations and make our best efforts to prevent a recurrence.

He explained, “We will do our best to cooperate with the investigation and prevent a recurrence. On February 1, “Bunny Flash,” a girls’ bar in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, was also busted. The police suspect that the bar allowed female employees dressed in revealing bunny-girl outfits to entertain customers, despite the fact that they did not have a license to operate an adult entertainment business.

The Metropolitan Police Department is believed to have investigated the business because it was considered to be quite conspicuous,” said a reporter for a national newspaper.

The Metropolitan Police Department may be getting serious about exposing this type of establishment, which is ambiguous as to whether it is a sex establishment or a restaurant.

A “slightly adult game” at “SOD Girls’ Employee Bar” (Akihabara)
A “little adult game” at “SOD Girls’ Employee Bar” (Akihabara). As expected, it seems unreasonable to say that this is “not a sex business.
A picture of “Bunny Flash” when it was open for business. Many passersby were looking at the inside of the store.
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