Minister Takaichi is on the verge of a cliff because of “fabricated stories” but… Prime Minister Kishida is in a good mood even though he has received a lot of criticism for “bad reasons. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Minister Takaichi is on the verge of a cliff because of “fabricated stories” but… Prime Minister Kishida is in a good mood even though he has received a lot of criticism for “bad reasons.

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is in a good mood… On April 10, he threw out the first pitch of the WBC first round, shocking baseball fans by saying, “What is a former member of a baseball team pitching… PHOTO: CTK Photo/Afro

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is said to be in a very “good mood.

At a meeting of the Budget Committee, Sanae Takaichi, Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Security, gave what appeared to be an “overreaction” to the “document” released by Hiroyuki Konishi, a member of the House of Councilors of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). Takaichi vehemently opposed Konishi, saying that the document was a fabrication. If it is true, I will resign as minister. If it is true, I will resign as minister, and I will also resign as a member of the Diet,” he dared to say.

The documents in question show that from 2002 to 2003, “discussions on freedom of speech under the Abe administration took place mainly at the Prime Minister’s Office,” a fact that goes to the very foundation of democracy. Nevertheless, they determined that it was only the Prime Minister’s Office discussions at the time of the Abe administration.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications recognized the document as authentic, most likely because of Prime Minister Kishida’s intention. The MIC decided that there was no danger of the Kishida administration coming under fire.

For the Kishida administration, this is a matter of “other people’s business” that “has nothing to do with the past” and “the interpretation of the Broadcasting Act has not been changed.

The “post-Kishida” properties are sinking one after another.

Minister Takaichi, who was even considered the “successor” to former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, unexpectedly scored an own-goal in the MIC document. Political policy chief Kōichi Hagiuda, who has been forced to remain silent for some time over the Unification Church issue. Taro Kono, Minister of State for Digital Affairs, tweets but is nowhere to be seen. Secretary-General Toshimitsu Mogi, who is unable to manage even his own faction, let alone the party, due to a string of gaffes and delusions. Prime Minister Kishida is apparently not happy to see his rivals for the post of Kishida being eliminated one after another, and is said to be in a “good mood” these days, according to a source in the prime minister’s office.

A former cabinet member close to Kishida explained that, rather than helping Takaichi, Kishida “took a big risk in the recent turmoil, which could have resulted in the resignation of the fifth cabinet member.

The Kishida administration’s plan to use income tax as a source of funding for the “In response to the Kishida administration’s proposal to increase the defense budget to NATO “Takaichi was quick to take a bite out of the Kishida administration’s proposal to increase the defense budget on par with the NATO budget, which is financed by income tax. He opposed it, risking his job as a minister. This caught Prime Minister Kishida off guard. This may have been the reason why Takaichi was so eager to use the MIC document as an opportunity to “cut Takaichi loose.

The opposition party’s full-throated pursuit of a major issue concerning the political impartiality of the press was used as an excuse for political infighting within the LDP. With the people’s living woes worsening, the Kishida administration’s approval rating is low, and the appointment of his eldest son, Shotaro, as his secretary has further undermined expectations. Prime Minister Kishida’s image as a man with the ability to listen and a reputation for earnestness has faded, and his approval rating is said to have stabilized at a rather low level, indicating that his position within the party is becoming more solid.

While Kishida’s approval rating is low, the LDP’s party approval rating is high, and when the approval rating of the administration and the party approval rating are combined, the LDP government maintains an acceptable level.

Deputy Governor Taro Aso supports Prime Minister Kishida by saying so. Secretary-General Motegi told several hundred business executives at a reception on August 8 that “Japan’s economic growth rate is among the highest in the developed world,” and that “the LDP’s support for the government is high.

Japan’s economic growth rate is the highest among developed countries. The Kishida administration has stabilized.

The Kishida administration has stabilized.

In January, when he accompanied the prime minister on his overseas trip, Shoutarou’s “tourism and souvenir problems” caused public displeasure. Since assuming office, Shoutarou has been constantly “in the shadow of women,” and his “souvenir issue” has raised serious questions from the public in the wake of allegations of information leaks. Nevertheless, the prime minister remained unperturbed, in large part because of the “self-destruction of his rivals” within his own party.

Aiming for “the future of his successor and eldest son

Yuko Kishida, Mrs. Kishida’s wife, scolded Shoutarou for being too close to the media. Now he is under Mrs. Yuko’s strict supervision, and we don’t hear much about his recent activities” (Koikekai member).

Nevertheless, the secretary to the prime minister, Shoutarou, in his black mask, is performing his daily duties to “ensure the prime minister’s mental stability. Prime Minister Kishida, who has thoroughly eliminated risk by being a husband and wife, is always on the move with his eldest son, who will be his successor. His eyes are fixed on the general election to be held after the Hiroshima summit, and “beyond” that.

  • Interview and text by Shutaro Iwashiro Photo: CTK Photo/Afro CTK Photo/Afro

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