Former Vice President of Manjikai of Kabukicho Viral Photo of Pissing on the Street and Riding a Bicycle Into a Convenience Store! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Vice President of Manjikai of Kabukicho Viral Photo of Pissing on the Street and Riding a Bicycle Into a Convenience Store!

Suspect Hasebe Fernandez Marcos (36) Pissed standing on the street, verbally abused a security guard ...... Arrested for obstructing business by force, riding a bicycle into a convenience store

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Video that seems to be from the day of the incident. Ran into a convenience store in Kabukicho on a bicycle. Tohyoko kids were cheering it up.

Riding a bicycle, he burst into a convenience store and shouted at the clerk, “Hey, scum! and other rude words to the clerk. ……

On February 9, Hasebe Fernandez Marcos, 36, the vice president of the volunteer group “Kabukicho Manjikai,” was arrested on suspicion of obstruction of business and other charges, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced.

The suspect, Hasebe, entered a convenience store in the early morning hours of January 3 and shouted abuse at the clerk. On January 7, he was also arrested for assaulting a woman.

Hasebe, nicknamed “Infy,” is said to have previously been known as a mild-mannered and trustworthy person who fed and cleaned up after the Toyoko Kids. Why did he become rough?

In June of last year, Masatomo Ogawa, aka Howl, the president of Manjikai, was arrested for indecent assault on a young girl and died while in custody, and the group became visibly rougher. He began drinking Strong Zero during the daytime and became tongue-tied and rambunctious. The death of Howl, who was a close friend of his, must have really hit him hard,” said a former member of Manjikai.

Hasebe’s “nuisances” that led him to lead a rough life were not limited to his bicycle-riding into convenience stores. This magazine obtained a video showing the latest footage of the suspect. The magazine obtained a video showing the most recent video of the suspect, in which a number of unbelievable acts of barbarity were recorded.

The photo below shows Hasebe standing in front of the Cine City Plaza (in front of the former Koma Theater) in Kabukicho. In the middle of Kabukicho, the suspect was standing and peeing ……. He was shouting something unintelligible, “Hey, $♪♪×¥●&%!” and stared at passersby walking around him with a dubious look on his face while shouting something unintelligible.

Another video shows Hasebe being cautioned by a security guard. He was also seen saying, “This guy’s face is really creepy,” and then ripping off the security guard’s mask.

The fact that he was in shock over the loss of his friend did not mean that he was allowed to cause trouble. Hasebe has admitted to the charges in questioning by the police. Can he be rehabilitated after his arrest?

Hasebe’s “video of him peeing standing up. He urinated in the middle of Kabukicho while exposing his private parts and yelling at the top of his lungs.

From the March 3 and 10, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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