Ryusei Yokohama, With Stubble Silver Hair and Chubby Cheeks, Transformation After Losing a Lot of Weight Playing a Boxer. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryusei Yokohama, With Stubble Silver Hair and Chubby Cheeks, Transformation After Losing a Lot of Weight Playing a Boxer.

A live-action version of Kotaro Sawaki's novel "Haru ni Hariharu" (Scattered in Spring)! He is struggling to play the role of a boxer who challenges a genius champion played by Masataka Kubota.

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On that day, a boxing gym in a downtown residential area was crowded with film crews. A silver-haired man with a striking appearance gets out of a car parked in front of the gym. He is Ryusei Yokohama (26), an actor, with a stubble that is slightly disproportionate to his handsome face.

He is Ryusei Yokohama (26), an actor. “A movie called ‘Scattered in Spring’ was being shot at the gym. The film is based on a novel by Kotaro Sawaki, which is about the question of “living” through boxing. The story is about a failed boxer played by Yokohama who meets a former boxer played by Koichi Sato (62), and they challenge the stage to fight for their lives to become world champions. Masataka Kubota (34) plays the role of the world champion boxer prodigy who stands in Yokohama’s way, and the fight scene between the two will be the biggest showcase.

In the early afternoon, Yokohama leaves the car to go to the boxing gym where the filming takes place. In order to prepare for her role, she has been training for boxing and has lost a lot of weight. He also changed his hair to silver and grew a stubble beard.

This movie is Yokohama’s first attempt at boxing. The key to this film is how he can make the scenes in which he competes with Kubota, who has already boxed for over four years, and played a boxer in the movie “First Love,” released in 2008, exciting and bloodthirsty.

Sato takes a break outside the gym between takes.

Yokohama tried scuba diving in the drama “DCU” (TBS) and ink painting in the movie “Line Draws Me. In both cases, he dexterously played the roles. He has been practicing Kyokushin Karate since he was in the first grade of elementary school, and is known for his athletic ability, having become the world’s number one when he was in the third grade of junior high school. Once there was a variety show in which Yokohama learned kickboxing, and the coach praised the power of his punches, saying, “You can compete in a match. I’m sure he can handle boxing as well.

Kubota, who has boxing experience, usually keeps his body fat at 5%. Kubota, who has boxing experience, has always kept his body fat at 5%, and Yokohama is struggling with his acting to keep up with him.

He says, “My eyes have become sharper due to the weight loss. When he posted a photo of himself in a suit on social media late last year, he had lost a lot of weight, but now his cheekbones are even more prominent, giving him the appearance of a boxer in a fight to the death.

Yokohama is waiting to be photographed in the gym. Perhaps nervous, she was talking with her co-stars and occasionally looking outside with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Yokohama appeared in four movies released last year, including “Lie Eater” and “Wandering Moon. In 2011, two more films, “Village” and “Scattered in Spring,” are already scheduled to be released, and he will also appear in the stage production of “Ganryujima. He will also appear in a stage production of “Ganryujima,” in which he will play the lead role.

Yokohama got his big break in the drama “The Story I Read the Day I First Fell in Love,” but he seems to have been cutting back on his drama appearances recently. He is probably going to concentrate on movies in order to raise his profile as an actor.

From a handsome young actor to a talented chameleon actor. Yokohama’s new talent may be on the verge of blossoming.

Yokohama heads to the filming location from a nearby parking lot.
Yokohama comes out of the gym for a break.
He seems to be immersed in his role, and his eyes are sharp all the way through the scene.
Is he discussing his acting? Yokohama (left) and Sato talking while looking at the ring
  • Photo Yuri Adachi

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