Two nights in a row…scoop! That popular celebrity” who does the cooking and laundry at charismatic martial artist Takezo’s home. | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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Two nights in a row…scoop! That popular celebrity” who does the cooking and laundry at charismatic martial artist Takezo’s home.

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In early February, Takemoto leaves his apartment in the early afternoon of the day after Kawaguchi stayed overnight. She got into a pickup truck and headed for Roppongi.

Around 3:00 p.m. in early February, when a major cold wave hit the archipelago, a petite woman stepped out of a luxury condominium in Tokyo. It was Aoi Kawaguchi, 24, an actress active in gravure and other media.

She came out of the apartment of former K-1 champion Takeson (31). Dressed in casual clothes and getting into a luxury foreign car, Kawaguchi headed for the “K-1 Gym” in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. After training for about an hour, Kawaguchi got back into the car with a refreshed look on his face and returned to his apartment.

Kawaguchi was a member of the variety show “Happy! Bonby Girl” (Nippon Television Network) in 2008 and attracted attention as a “too cute bonby girl. She is an up-and-coming young actress who has recently tried her hand at gravure as well.

After the scene at the beginning of the film, Kawaguchi spent the night at Takemoto’s apartment. In order to confirm their relationship, this magazine directly interviewed Takekoto when she returned from an event in the countryside.

-This is Friday. I would like to ask you about your relationship with Aoi Kawaguchi.

I was introduced to her by a mutual acquaintance about five or six years ago, since our hometowns were close, Tottori and Hyogo. But it was only recently that we started seeing each other often.

-Is it also recently that you entered into a relationship?

I’m not in a relationship with ……. We haven’t reached that level of relationship yet.

-You are staying at Takezo’s apartment.

Yes, I do. We don’t get to see each other outside the house very often. For the past month or two, he has been coming to my place when I am busy, and sometimes he cooks for me or does my laundry. He has been very supportive.

In contrast to his in-ring self, Takekoto is a bit more brusque.

Before a romantic relationship, you have to build trust between people as human beings in order to fall in love with them. Kawaguchi-san and I are in the process of building that relationship.

-Will you eventually develop a romantic relationship?

Please watch over us a little longer (laughs). (Laughs.) Mr. Kawaguchi is a very important friend, and he is very important to me, so I would like to build a relationship of trust with him slowly and properly before we become like that.

With a fresh smile, Takemoto left.

When we asked Kawaguchi’s office for an interview, they replied, “We leave his private life to Kawaguchi himself, and we have heard from him that he is a good friend.

We are waiting for a happy report from the two of them.

Kawaguchi enters Takekoto’s apartment; Kawaguchi has been going to Takekoto’s house for a month or two.
Kawaguchi (center) stands as a presenter at the “K-1 AWARDS 2021” award ceremony.
Takezo was surprised but politely responded to a direct question. Regarding the championship belt shown in Kawaguchi’s delivery, he said, “It’s not a smell or anything, it’s an accident.

In the February 24 issue of “FRIDAY” on sale on February 10, we will report in detail the reasons why he was attracted to her, as told by Takekoto in a direct interview. The pay-per-view website “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

For more details and unpublished cuts, please click here↓.

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