Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Abe Hifumi and Rina Hashimoto, a glamour model, “live-in two-shot” afterwards. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Abe Hifumi and Rina Hashimoto, a glamour model, “live-in two-shot” afterwards.

The first half of the year 2011: A compilation of the hot love scoops "After that

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Abe and Hashimoto coming out of the convenience store. As expected of gold medalists, Abe was carrying a heavy-looking bag with ease.

In January, we reported on a “live-in date” between Abe Hifumi (25), who won the gold medal in the men’s 66kg judo event at the Tokyo Olympics, and gravure idol Rina Hashimoto (29). Their relationship was reported in Bunshun Online in September of last year, but Abe’s drinking problem and his fondness for women were also reported, leading some to ask, “Is this a serious relationship? However, the magazine did not find the two together. However, this magazine found that the two were very much in love… We look back at the details based on the article distributed on January 26 (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

On a Christmas afternoon last year, a couple was walking down a residential street in Tokyo. The man was wearing a black hoodie and damaged jeans. The woman was wearing a white knit and a gray skirt. The man has a slightly hunched leg and strong legs that look as if his jeans are about to be ripped off. The woman, on the other hand, is also evidently in great style.

The man in this standout couple is Abe Hifumi, 25, who won the gold medal in men’s judo at the Tokyo Olympics in the 66-kg weight class. Many of you may remember him from the semifinals of the Olympics, where he won by ippon of back-oinage in just over two minutes. The woman is Rina Hashimoto (29), a gravure idol who is known as the “Black Diamond of Naniwa” for her wheat-colored skin.

The two were reported to be dating in September of last year in Bunshun Online. They met through an acquaintance and have been dating since last spring. However, when the dating report was published, it was also reported that Abe has a bad drinking habit and likes women, and some people said that it was not a serious relationship.

When they entered a convenience store that day, Abe picked up a shopping basket and put bottles of tea and soda into the basket in a familiar manner. Rather than a shopping date, they seemed to have come here to buy daily necessities. The two entered an apartment building together.

They are currently living together in an apartment in Tokyo. The apartment has a spacious layout and allows pets, making it a popular place for celebrities. Perhaps they are influenced by each other after living together, but recently they have been wearing the same kind of fashion.

On the day of the interview, the two were indeed wearing matching sandals, and Hashimoto had a key in her hand that appeared to belong to her home.

When the news broke last September, there were concerns that it might be “just for fun,” but it seems that they have been nurturing their love steadily.

Later that day, we directly interviewed Abe after practice.

–Mr. Abe, this is Friday. Are you living together with Rina Hashimoto?

No. ……”

He looked a little surprised, but said only that in a small voice and did not look at the reporter. Then Abe spoke in a well-defined, sportsmanlike voice,

Thank you very much.

and left.

It seemed that Abe had won the match in no time at all, as they had been living together for less than a year since they started dating.

Rina Hashimoto, who is not at liberty to say anything…

After this magazine’s report, neither of them had any reaction about their love affair, but on March 20, Hashimoto appeared at an event held in Ueno, Tokyo. When asked about her relationship with Abe, she replied, “I can’t say anything,

I can’t say anything…. I don’t know…” When asked about her relationship with Abe, Hashimoto replied, “I can’t say anything.

I don’t know…” When asked about his relationship with Abe, Hashimoto was vague. The question continued, “What do you think?

I don’t know. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, his eyes downcast. Abe, on the other hand, is currently in a training camp for the World Judo Championships to be held in Doha in May. If he wins this tournament, he will be very close to the Paris Olympics. On April 13, when the training camp was opened to the press, Abe said, “It will be an important tournament,

I’m going to win this tournament,” he said. I’m going to win this tournament.

Hashimoto, too, is now quietly looking on. Hashimoto, for his part, can do nothing but watch quietly.

Unpublished cuts from the magazine: Abe Hifumi & Rina Hashimoto “♡♡♡ Living Together” photo shoot!
Unpublished photos of Abe Hifumi & Rina Hashimoto “Handsome and handsome living together”!
Unpublished photos of Abe Hifumi & Rina Hashimoto “♡♡♡♡ living together A direct interview with Abe
Unpublished photos of Abe Hifumi and Rina Hashimoto in “♡♡♡ living together”! A direct interview with Abe
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