She sometimes enters the scene alone to save on transportation costs! Anmika is loved for a reason! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She sometimes enters the scene alone to save on transportation costs! Anmika is loved for a reason!

The staff saw it! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Last year, Anmika won the “Jewelry Best Dresser Award”. She is a multi-talented model, TV personality, and cosmetics producer. She also served as a specially appointed professor at Hannan University. PHOTO: Naomi Nishimura/Afro

Anmika (51), who was appointed as a Tuesday regular on the morning information program “DayDay.

She has appeared on Fuji Television’s “Viking More” and “Pop UP! His strength lies in his ability to convert gloomy news and negative topics into humane comments and positive opinions. In a world saturated with celebrity commentators, she is well-liked by both staff and viewers, so when word gets out that a program she regularly appeared on is ending, there is a battle among programs to get her on the air.

She has worked as a Paris Collection model and is a certified beauty advisor, and she has also made her presence felt on mail-order shows such as “Nippon TV’s ‘Queen of Shopping, Anmika Zehimono SP'” (BS Nippon TV), and is constantly being offered variety shows such as Netflix’s “Mea Asist Ariyoshi.

Her cool beauty looks and her fast-paced Kansai dialect make her easy to relate to. She herself is super positive, but she doesn’t push her positivity toward “Audrey” Masayasu Wakabayashi (44) or other shady comedians, and she gets along well with them. Her presence alone gives the program a happy feeling. I get the impression that she has fallen for the COVID-19 crisis, which had a sense of stagnation,” said a producer at a key station.

The director of a production company exclaimed, “Anmika doesn’t cut corners in any job she does. That’s what I like about her.

In programs where performers watch a VTR for a long time before commenting on it, it is not uncommon for people to cut corners during the VTR. However, she reacts in the wipe while the VTR is playing. She always gives her all, even on local regional programs and late-night shows. For low-budget programs, she sometimes arrives at the scene alone without a manager to save on travel expenses. I am very grateful for that.”

Despite belonging to TEN CARAT, which has many actors such as Ayami Nakajo (26) and Arata Iura (48) on its roster, the reason why he is strong in variety shows is because he has the support of his “behind-the-scenes staff.

We have a business alliance with an entertainment agency that has skilled staff who are from major entertainment companies and are familiar with variety shows. It is a big advantage that the staff attached to the show have a good understanding of how variety shows work,” said an advertising agency official.

As TV stations have begun to focus on core viewership ratings targeting viewers aged 13-49, the cast has been rejuvenated. The TV stations are cutting back on veteran talent, but Anmika seems to be in safe hands.

She has many hobbies and holds many certifications in beauty, aromatherapy, and other fields, which makes her statements more persuasive. She has a lot of hobbies and many qualifications, such as beauty and aromatherapy, which makes her persuasive. If I were to dare to mention a disadvantage of using her, it would be that her character is so strong that she eats up the other co-hosts (laugh). The plan was to have “all five guests on the dais be Anmika. This shows how TV people recognize the strength of her character.

The day is near when she will make the leap from popular commentator to queen of variety!

From the May 5, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Naomi Nishimura/Afro

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