Tomoyuki Sugano, Abe Hifumi, and Saka Okada……Secret “moments of their true faces” that celebrities have shown only to their loved ones in love | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tomoyuki Sugano, Abe Hifumi, and Saka Okada……Secret “moments of their true faces” that celebrities have shown only to their loved ones in love

Four shocking shots in a row in the "Scoop roundup" of the first half of 2011.

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Tomoyuki Sugano (33) [Yomiuri Giants] July 14-21, 2011
Devotion” to semi-living together that supported his resurgence

On the evening of June 12, after dinner, Sugano (left) and his girlfriend were dropped off in a pickup van at their luxury apartment, the base of their semi-living together. On occasional days off, they go for a drive in his car.

Tomoyuki Sugano (33) was celebrating with a beautiful woman the day after returning to Tokyo from an outing, having endured adversity in which his elbows and back were screaming from fatigue and even his uncle, manager Tatsunori Hara (65), was “shooting his mouth off.

Tomoyuki Sugano, 33, was celebrating with a beautiful woman, a normal woman in her mid-20s, with whom he has been dating for about a year. We have been dating for about a year and are now almost living together. She saved her work and devotedly supported Sugano and helped him on his road to revival, starting with physical training” (Sugano’s acquaintance).

Sugano continued to defend his spot in the rotation. He continues to swing his right arm for the team and for his girlfriend.

Saka Okada (29) [Professional Jan player] May 12/19
The M League’s idol’s partner is a mahjong player again!

After the game, Okada headed home without stopping anywhere. Hamano, on the other hand, also returns straight to Okada’s house with a large baggage. He may keep a change of clothes at her house, or he changes his clothes when he comes out of the house.

In late April, FRIDAY reported on the love affair between Sayaka Okada (29), a professional mahjong player who plays in the M League professional mahjong league and is also active as a gravure idol, and Taiyo Hamano (30), a handsome mahjong player who graduated from Keio University.

The relationship is going well, and Okada has appeared on “Odoru! Sanma Goten! and other terrestrial variety shows. Hamano is gradually gaining recognition for his abilities and is said to be close to making his debut in the M-League.

Both their private and public lives are going well. The day may soon come when we will see a showdown between the two lovers!

Abe Hifumi (26) [judo gold medalist] and Rina Hashimoto (29) [gravure idol] Feb. 3 issue
Gold medalist and big-name couple shopping

After shopping at a nearby convenience store, the couple returns to their apartment. Abe (right) carried the heavy-looking luggage with ease. Hashimoto has the key to the apartment in her hand.

It has been about six months since FRIDAY scooped that Abe and Rina Hashimoto, 29, a gravure idol known as the “Black Diamond of Naniwa,” were living together. Abe Hifumi (26), a gold medalist in the men’s 66kg judo division at the Tokyo Olympics, is also doing very well in his day job.

He won the world judo championships in Doha in May. He and his younger sister Uta (23), who competed in the women’s 52kg division, achieved a simultaneous V in the same event as last year,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

According to a neighbor of the couple’s “love nest,” a high-class apartment in Tokyo, “Recently, the two have not been seen walking together,” but it does not appear that they have broken up. A source close to Abe reveals, “I haven’t heard that they have broken up.

A source close to Abe revealed, “We haven’t heard that they have broken up. They were photographed together so beautifully that everyone around them was in an uproar, so they may have moved their love nest.

At the Paris Olympics, we may see Hashimoto rushing to cheer Abe on.

Fumio Kishida (66) [Prime Minister] June 16-23
Happy “Grand New Year’s Party for Relatives” at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence

A commemorative photo of the “Grand New Year’s Party” held at the official residence of the prime minister on December 30 of last year. In addition to Prime Minister Yuko Kishida, his wife Yuko (59), his eldest son Shotaro, and 18 others were present. The prime minister’s nephew lounged on the red-carpeted staircase, and it can be said that the official residence was “privatized.

At the end of the year, I had dinner with my relatives. I had dinner with my relatives at the end of the year, sitting with them in their private space.”

As you can see, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (66) has yet to admit that he was at the “year-end party at the official residence of the prime minister,” where he himself attended in his underwear and nightgown. However, journalist Tetsuo Suzuki harshly criticizes this attitude.

He has removed his son Shotaro, 32, who was his secretary for the year-end party. However, Prime Minister Kishida is the master of the official residence. The responsibility for causing the commotion definitely lies with Prime Minister Kishida.

Shoutarou, who was removed as secretary, is now “walking around the Diet building with a smartphone in his hand, putting on an air of not wanting to talk to anyone,” according to a secretary to a mid-level member of the Hiroikekai.

According to an August poll conducted by Jiji Press, the Cabinet’s approval rating fell to 26.6%, falling into the danger zone for the first time in five months.

A reporter from the political section of a national newspaper said, “Kishida’s attitude of postponing the resolution of the issue by saying that he will consider the issue without exhaustive discussion is evidence that the opposition parties as well as the public have grown weary of the issue.

The prime minister is probably the only one who thinks that his tactic of waiting for the heat to cool down with sophomoric statements that have no substance will work.

From the September 1 , 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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