Impatient with Putin…Russia’s “cliffhanger” to scout 200 serial killers “The Madness of Angarsk” as mercenaries. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Impatient with Putin…Russia’s “cliffhanger” to scout 200 serial killers “The Madness of Angarsk” as mercenaries.

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One year is about to pass since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and what is Russian President Vladimir Putin thinking…

One year has almost passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The initial plan was to take down the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in about three days, but it turned out to be a bogged down war of attrition. Russia, which was thought to have a great advantage in military power, has recently run out of soldiers and weapons, and is slowly losing the war to Ukraine, which has military assistance from the West.

In this situation, Russia cannot afford to be complacent.

Evgeny Prigozhin’s military company, Wagner, has been scouting for prisoners serving time in prison. They mobilize them on the pretense of amnesty and send them to the front lines one after another.

They are deployed to the front lines with outdated equipment, and most of the prisoners are left behind. While the Ukrainians are attacking strategically with the latest weapons, the Russians are pushing through with sheer numbers. The soldiers on the front line are ‘disposable,’ which shows how difficult the war situation is,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

Nevertheless, some of the prisoners survived and were set free.

One such prisoner is Aleksandr Chuchin, 66, the “black real estate agent” who shook Russia with the contract murder of a family of four.

In 2005, Chuchin, a real estate agent, hired a hitman to kill a family of four: Dmitry Zainalov, his wife, their 15-year-old daughter, and 11-year-old son, with whom he worked. The hitman, who was hired for about $1 million, shot the family to death with an assassin’s rifle and finished them off with an axe.

When it was discovered, Chuchin was sentenced to 23 years in prison for contract killing in January ’21 and imprisoned. His wife committed suicide in 2005 when she found out about the contract killing.

Chuchin then went to the war zone through Wagner last summer. Wagner’s side said.

“If you fight through six months, we will pardon you.

If he fought through the war for six months, he would be pardoned. And he survived. According to independent Russian media such as “Novaya Gazeta Europe,” on January 6, Chuchin and 20 others were pardoned and released.

They were not pardoned as “criminals” but as “heroes”….

Prigogine posted the scene of the pardon on social networking sites.

“As murderers, they are worth more than three or four babies.

He praised the scene. Chutin is currently enjoying a trip to Turkey with his wife, whom he remarried before his arrest.

Some killers have similarly decided to enter the fray in order to “walk free. Mikhail Popkov, 58, is a serial killer who is said to have murdered 200 women in Russia.

Popkov, a former police officer known as “The Madness of Angarsk,” was convicted of killing at least 78 women between 1992 and 2010. However, the actual number of victims is believed to be higher, close to 200.

He was arrested in ’12 and has served two life sentences and nine years in prison since ’18.

Russian state television interviewed Popkov in prison.

I don’t hesitate to take part in the war. I have experience with wireless electronics. I have been in prison for a long time, but it will be easy to learn new skills quickly.

He stated that he would join the Wagner mercenary unit.

The Sun, a British newspaper, reported

Mikhail Popkov volunteered for the war, survived six months on the front lines, and is seeking amnesty.

The Sun reported, “Mikhail Popkov has volunteered for the war. The aforementioned reporter said.

The public fears that the murderer may be released again, and there is even a movement against it in some quarters,” said the above-mentioned reporter.

The public is afraid that ‘the murderers may be released again.

While actively recruiting thugs who have less “resistance” to murder than ordinary soldiers, Wagner is extremely strict with deserters. According to the Daily Star, any soldier who tries to surrender to the Ukrainians will be castrated on the spot.

U.S. intelligence intercepted phone calls between the troops. One of the troopers said.

One member confessed, “The commander caught him trying to escape and cut off his testicles.

Another said, “Most of them are ex-convicts anyway.

Another replied, “Most of them are ex-prisoners anyway, so the people don’t care.”

Another officer replied, “Most of them are ex-prisoners anyway, so the people don’t care.

Russia is no longer normal. How long will this hellish scene continue?

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