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Finally breaking up…Friday’s scoop on V6’s legendary love affair

On their 27th anniversary, the curtain comes down on their activities. As generational changes continue to take place at their offices, their departure means something.

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Another Johnny’s group is bringing down the curtain on its history.

V6 has been active on the front line for 26 years since 1995. There are only a few days left to see the members’ brave faces before they break up on November 1, the anniversary of their debut.

Ken Miyake♡ Priscilla (fashion model)

“The group has established a new way of being, with each member contributing to the group’s popularity by demonstrating their individuality in different fields, such as host for Yoshihiko Inohara (45), stage actor for Tsuyoshi Morita (42), and actor for Junichi Okada (40). They are still close enough to have meals together and celebrate each other’s birthdays. They have even created a LINE group for all the members.

On the other hand, the choice to disband the group is still questionable. Even though they have contributed a lot to the office and the group is not badly connected, why did they choose to disband instead of suspending their activities?

“It all started in the spring of 2007. It all started around the spring of 2007, when Morita announced to the members that he wanted to become independent from the office and concentrate on his acting career. The other members also wanted to be active in their own genres, and more than anything, they felt strongly that V6 wouldn’t be V6 without these six members. The dissolution was their idea.

On the other hand, the office is also going through a transition period. President Keiko Fujishima Julie, 55, who took office in September 2007, is thinking of breaking away from the idol office. Janny Kitagawa (d. 87) was negative about dissolving the group, but President Julie doesn’t care what form it takes as long as it brings revenue to the office. He probably sees a commercial opportunity in Okada’s acting career and Inohara’s MC business. Also, the number of fan club members seems to have bottomed out before reaching 400,000. I think the fact that the rapidly growing Snow Man has more than 500,000 members and King & Prince has more than 700,000 members is one of the reasons why the office allowed the group to disband.

The remaining five members, excluding Morita who is going independent, are planning to continue their activities individually while remaining registered with the office. While each of them is pursuing their own entertainment, Ken Miyake (42) is said to be the one who may take an unexpected path. A source at a major advertising agency told us.

“Miyake seems to be interested in directing and producing, and has said he would like to plan live shows and train junior members. He is also good friends with vice president Hideaki Takizawa (39) and is said to be discussing various matters with him. I don’t think he’ll be in the front office, but he might be working behind the scenes more often.

But his private life seems to be struggling.” Yu Hirukawa, 35, was reported to be in a relationship at the end of October 2007, but from that time she leaked to her friends that the relationship was not going so well. Marriage may take a little longer. On the other hand, the leader, Masayuki Sakamoto (50), is likely to reach the goal with his girlfriend, former Takarazuka top star Hikaru Asami (49). It would not be surprising if they decide to take the next step in their lives with the breakup. Marriage within this year is quite possible.”

FRIDAY has captured a variety of scoops on the members of V6. In this issue, we would like to look back at the trajectory of the group through many treasured photos and send our best wishes to the six members as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Ken Miyake (42)

Priscilla (Fashion Model) October 26, 2006

Ken Miyake ♡ Priscilla (Fashion Model)

Just when you think they’ve had their moment of glamour, they grab each other’s cheeks and make out on the street. The intimacy of their relationship led to rumors of marriage. ……

♡Namie Amuro July 11, ’03

Ken Miyake♡Namie Amuro

One year after her divorce from SAM, she was living with Amuro in his new house. His love affair with the “Diva of the Heisei Era” shocked the world.

Handsome White Beauty August 2, 2007 issue

Ken Miyake ♡ Pale White Beauty

After enjoying a mutual umbrella date, they got into their car and headed for home. It was controversial at the time because it was right after Janie’s emergency transport.

Handsome short cut beauty Dec. 9, 2011 issue

Ken Miyake handsome short cut beauty

Enjoying a tour of commercial facilities and cafes with a beautiful woman. Even though he is a top idol, he has a commoner side, using the city bus to get around.

From “FRIDAY” November 12, 2021 issue

  • Photography Shuntaro Abe, Makoto Kuwata, Hiroyuki Sato, Naoki Shimizu, Ichiro Takatsuka, Hiroshi Tanigawa, Toshihiro Nakaikawa, Ayako Nakamukai, Keisuke Nishi, Shu Nishihara, Akifumi Yoshida

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