Kei Komuro’s failure to pass the bar exam brings a sense of regret over her “flying marriage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro’s failure to pass the bar exam brings a sense of regret over her “flying marriage

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Kei Komuro failed the New York State Bar Exam. A dark cloud hangs over his new married life with Mako…

Why did they rush into marriage before getting their feet on the ground? That’s what I hear you saying.

Kei Komuro, who is married to Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, has failed the bar exam in the state of New York in the United States.

Mr. Yoshihiko Okuno, the head of the law firm where Mr. Komuro worked in Japan, revealed this to NHK.

The result of this examination was unsuccessful. I’m very sorry. I will try again for the exam in February next year. I will make every effort to pass.

He said.

The number of applicants for this year’s bar exam was 9,227, and the overall pass rate was 63%, but the first-time pass rate for students at Fordham Law School and other schools where Kei graduated was 87%. In some years, the pass rate exceeds 90%, so Mr. Komuro must have been confident in his decision to marry Ms. Mako.

“I’m sure that Mako had strong intentions regarding the timing of their marriage, but if she wanted to become a lawyer, it would have been better for her to pass the exam and become a full-fledged lawyer before getting married. Moving to a new city and starting a new life will be very complicated and hectic. Next February, there will not be much time left. It is not unlikely that she will fail the exam again…” (National newspaper reporter)

It is extremely difficult to pass even the bar exam in Japan, but taking the exam in English, which is not her mother tongue, would be unimaginable. According to some reports, when Kei met with Prince Akishino, he answered that he was fine with his performance on the bar exam, but in the end, he failed the exam.

“He said that he had reported something that was not true, but that was just the result. In order to prevent this from happening, I think Prince Akishino should have at least stuck to his condition of passing the bar exam.

If she fails, she will have to work as a clerical worker at a law firm, and her annual salary is said to be around 6 million yen. It was reported that she had been placed in an 800,000 yen per month rental house on Manhattan’s upscale Upper West Side, but she would have to live in a more suburban area to make ends meet. After all, it was a ‘last-ditch’ move.” (Journalist living in New York)

I guess you could call it a “flying marriage. I’m sure there are many people in Japan who regret this decision, thinking that it would have been better for her to get married after she passed the exam.

On the other hand, there is no denying that it is a good thing that they got married. For Mr. Komuro, an annual income of 6 million yen is not enough to live in a prime location in New York.

It was also reported that Mako has been offered a job as a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s three largest museums. Together, the two of them would earn more than 20 million yen, which would be a great help to Mr. Komuro.

“The royal family is basically thrifty, so I think Mako can manage to support Komuro financially at least until he passes the entrance exam next February. At any rate, it’s important for Mr. Komuro to concentrate on his next exam right now.

I thought that the news would settle down after the marriage, but the newlywed life has unexpectedly turned out to be a turbulent one.

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