The “Shocking Measures Taken by Police Officers” by “Foreigners Standing Around” in the Okubo Park Area: “Large-Scale Detection Has No Effect”… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Shocking Measures Taken by Police Officers” by “Foreigners Standing Around” in the Okubo Park Area: “Large-Scale Detection Has No Effect”…

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Foreign “tachinbo” negotiating with each other

The “tachimbo” around Okubo Park, which has been the scene of a major exposé. The number of “tachinbo” around Okubo Park, commonly referred to as the “koso kaiwai,” has been greatly reduced from its heyday due to police patrols and other measures. Even so, the number of “tachinbo” can still be seen around Okubo Park, and they have not completely disappeared.

However, it is Japanese women who have been caught out here and their numbers have decreased. Foreign “tachinbo” in the same area have not decreased in number and continue to engage in illegal prostitution.

Foreign “tachinbo” existed before the kinky neighborhood became famous. In the past, foreign “tachinbo” were more numerous, and Japanese “tachinbo” came to this area later in history.

If the area around Okubo Park is an area of Japanese “tachinbo,” the area on the side of Seibu Shinjuku Station has long been an area where many foreigners have been “tachinbo.

Even today, many foreign “tachinbo” still stand in the area, appearing at night and averaging around 20 people waiting for customers. Now that the Okubo Park area has become a problem due to major busts and other incidents, the police patrol the area and the “tachinbo” hide out during this time, but they still appear out of nowhere after 9:00 p.m., when the police officers are gone, and tout on the streets.

While the police are present, the “stand-ups” pass the time at a nearby coffee shop. Then, periodically, one of them will go outside to check if the police have left, and if they have finished patrolling, he or she will contact the other “tachinbo. The foreign “tachinbo” seem to be in contact with each other, communicating with each other, and prostituting themselves.

This is slightly different from the Japanese “tachinbo. Many Japanese “tachinbo” are people who have heard that aid-seeking is popular in “kouen” through social networking sites, etc., and basically stand alone or in pairs.

As a result, connections between individuals are thin and friendships are narrow. However, the foreigners seem to move in groups, each taking a look at their surroundings and withdrawing before the situation becomes dangerous.

The foreign “stand-ups” also seemed to be using the surrounding rental rooms, which are simple, private rooms that can be rented by the hour, and they frequently went in and out of the nearby rental rooms.

When it was time for the police to finish their patrols, foreign “standees” would begin to appear from the coffee shop and nearby rental rooms.

In fact, when we talked to the “tachinbo” touting their services, we found that they were of various nationalities, including Korean, Brazilian, and Australian.

One of the characteristics of these women is that they wear miniskirts and other clothes that easily show the lines of their bodies, exposing a large amount of their breasts, even during the cold season.

I approached some of them to request an interview, but many of them could not speak Japanese and only repeated their conditions, such as “rubber…absolutely…20,000 yen” and “20,000 including hotel charge.

According to Ms. A. (in her 40s), who is familiar with the situation in Kabukicho, some of the foreign “tachinbo” look like women, but some are former male “tachinbo” who have undergone gender reassignment surgery.

Since these foreign prostitutes have existed for a long time, unlike the prostitutes in the Okubo Park area, they are very sensitive to police actions and are fiercely competitive, having gone through a number of police actions to get caught. They are very sensitive to the police’s actions, and have been caught by the police.

When customers and women communicate directly with each other, as in the case of “tachimbo,” trouble often occurs. Intervention by the government is needed before major incidents occur.

A foreign “tachimbo” appealing to a man walking by
A foreigner “standing up” appealing to a man on foot
A foreigner “standing up” appealing to a man on foot
Foreign “tachinbo” taking a rest at a coffee shop while police officers are patrolling
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