Even though her birthday video unexpectedly came under fire…The Reason for Princess Kako’s “Beloved” Fashion | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even though her birthday video unexpectedly came under fire…The Reason for Princess Kako’s “Beloved” Fashion

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The look shown on Princess Kako’s 28th “birthday”. She wore a popular pleated skirt and a white top in a very friendly and comfortable outfit. Photo: Courtesy of the Imperial Household Agency.

<Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, turned 28 last December. Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, turned 28 last December. She has been the center of attention since she was a child, and as a young girl, she and her older sister, Mako, were popular idols. Now, between the absence of her sister and her underage brother, Kako is juggling her duties as an “adult member of the Imperial Family,” and a writer from the Imperial Household has been asked to share her “thoughts” on the matter. The fashion of Kako’s clothes…

I have this dress too. ……

Kako Akishino, a member of the Akishino no Miya family, walks down a path of autumn leaves with her long pleated skirt blowing in the wind and a smile on her face. The popular pleated skirt is an item that everyone has. She looked like the older sister next door, and many people probably felt a sense of familiarity with her.

Kako is very good at “wearing affordable clothes that are in vogue.

Masako bought a suit at a 20-30% discount.

The cost of wardrobes for women in the Imperial Family is surprisingly small. When Empress Masako was Crown Princess, she once purchased a suit from an outside department store retailer at a 20-30% discount.

Kako is no exception. After her sister Mako married and left the Imperial Family, Kako, who is increasingly sought after as a young female member of the royal family, is expected to make more than 40 “appearances” in 2022. When news footage of Kako’s appearance is shown on the news, her bright and glamorous attire is quite eye-catching. However, with so many appearances, she inevitably wears the same clothes as before. For women, this is a difficult situation.

To avoid looking “the same as before,” it is important to dress in a variety of outfits without spending a lot of money.

Kako usually likes to wear loose-fitting clothes, but when she goes out, she wears suits and other formal clothes. So, Kako devised a way to combine a one-piece dress with a jacket. Even if the jacket is the same, she can completely change her impression by changing the dress she wears inside. In addition, by partially decorating the dress with lace, Kako’s style is to create a youthful glamour.

Looking back on Kako’s outfits since she came of age, it was the suit she wore when she entered International Christian University in 2003 that first caught the public’s eye. The pure white shirt with an inner lining was very fresh, and the smiling face of His Imperial Highness was impressive as his heart swelled with anticipation for his life at the university.

Prince Akishino in a suit at his university entrance ceremony. The Akishino family was very popular at this time…

On one occasion, she appeared in a similar, dark blue suit, but changed to a more glamorous impression by using lace as an inner lining. Another favorite outfit was a feminine, all-lace outfit.

The style of wearing a jacket with a one-piece dress is said to have been influenced by Noriko. Kako, who has been accompanying Noriko on her outings since she was a child, must have taken her mother’s style as a role model. She took great care to coordinate an outfit that would look beautiful when the two stood side by side.

Even in a standard one-piece dress and jacket, you can change the innerwear to match your partner’s situation. At the “Midori no Kikkou-Sai” ceremony last May, she wore a one-piece dress decorated with large flowers in consideration of the content of the event, while at the commemorative ceremony for the “Japan Breast Cancer Society” in June, she wore a modest innerwear in a subdued color.

Other common attire was a white collarless jacket. The short length and three-quarter length sleeves are also a favorite of Kako. Even a casual dress can be switched to work mode with just a jacket on. It is a favorite for its neat and clean look.

Kiko’s suit is a sign of “work

When Kako was a little girl. When her mother, Noriko, who used to read picture books and draw with her, changed into a suit, Kako, who had been quiet until then, suddenly clung to her, clung to her skirt, and began to grow restless, which annoyed her.

She would change into a suit and go to work.

She must have known that even as a child, she would go to work if she changed into a suit. It must be a sad memory.

More than 20 years have passed since then. Now, more than 20 years have passed, and Kako is wearing a jacket and going to work with her chest out. In the absence of her older sister and in the presence of her younger, underage brother, Kako is performing her duties. Behind her beloved fashion, we can see her determination as an adult member of the royal family.

Interview and text by Kaori Takagi, editor and writer. She covers a wide range of topics, including the Imperial Family, medical care, and education. She has edited and collaborated on many books, including “From Michiko to Mako and Kako: How to Raise a PRINCESS PRINCESS” (Kohshobo), “Michiko Anohi Ano Toki” (Michiko: That Day, That Time), and “Michiko: Inochino no Tabi – Mirai e -” (Michiko’s Journey of Life – to the Future) (Kodansha B.C. / Kodansha). He is also the author of “Late-Stage Medical Care for the Elderly is Well Understandable” (co-author, Lyon-sha), “Mama ga Mamoru! Home Countermeasures against H1N1 Influenza” (Kodansha).

  • Photo Courtesy of the Imperial Household Agency (first photo), representative photo/Reuters/Afro

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