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TV Asahi Mitani, TBS Wakabayashi, Nippon TV’s Gunji… “Private Clothes of 14 Popular Female Announcers” Fashion Check

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Asami Mizuto (36) Nippon TV She was dressed casually in loose-fitting clothes and sandals. Lunch with former Nippon TV announcer Taichi Masu (41) in Ginza on a weekday.

Female announcers attract viewers with their elegant and graceful fashion. However, they rarely wear their own clothes on air, and most of their outfits are prepared by stylists. We would like to introduce you to some of these women in their rare private outfits.

The female TV announcers often interact with stylists, and when they find an outfit they like, they ask for the name of the brand. If they find an outfit they like, they ask for the brand name. They also ask them to tell them what is in fashion these days and what clothes they think would look good on them,” said a TV station official.

Kyoko Gunji, 33, an analyst at Nippon TV, is known for her fashion sense and is called the “fashion watchdog.

She is good at wearing simple items such as T-shirts and denim pants in a fashionable way. Her dignified face and translucent skin go well with blue, and she herself knows this, giving her the image of wearing blue outfits both on TV and in her private life these days” (veteran stylist).

Compared to ordinary company employees, female announcers often have a more difficult time choosing their attire.

Announcers are sometimes photographed by fans when they come to work, and you never know who is watching. Therefore, they tend to avoid wearing revealing clothes such as camisoles and mini-skirts even in their private time. Wearing shorts like Tonge Mitani (29, 9th photo) is quite rare,” says female announcer watcher Daijiro Maruyama.

The private clothes of female announcers reflect their individuality.

Natsuki Taki (30), Nippon TV, was spotted in ’18. She announced the birth of her first child in April this year and is currently on maternity leave. Trench coats are a standard favorite of female announcers.
Kyoko Gunji (33) Nippon TV In July of this year, we spotted Anna Gunji wearing a beautiful blue top and bottom. She posted her private outfit on her Instagram.
Right: Maho Kuwako (36) NHK On this day, she wore a relaxed monotone fashion. Left: Mayuko Wakuda (34) NHK Wearing a simple white T-shirt and denim. The photo shows her after visiting the home of NHK announcer Nahoko Suzuki (41), who is on maternity leave in 2007.
Yuko Wakabayashi (27) TBS She is slender and has a cute, small animal-like atmosphere, but her large flower-patterned one-piece dress gives her a mature look.
Erina Iwata (27) Nippon TV In May ’21, we saw Anna Iwata walking in all black, looking down. Nippon TV’s next ace’s personal clothes are surprisingly simple.
Chiharu Saito (26) TV Asahi Wearing a sketchy white shirt and loose-fitting pants. Her casual outfit is a far cry from the image of the usual Saito announcer.
Momo Urano (24) Nippon TV Real summer clothes taken in July this year. White T-shirt and denim jumper skirt. Wearing a yellow-green top on another day.
Tsumugi Mitani (29) TV Asahi Wears skirts above the knee and skirts with slits. On this day, she showed skin in shorts that looked like mini-skirts
Ayaka Hironaka (32) TV Asahi Wearing a black rider’s jacket and an unusually designed skirt, she hurried through the streets of Roppongi. Announced her first child pregnancy in May this year.
Reimi Tsutsumi (29) Fuji Pale pink non-sleeved and tight skirt. Tsutsumi often wears beautiful clothes and her style stands out.
Nagisa Watanabe (26) Fuji In ’21, I spotted her heading to a 100 yen store in front of the station. She strutted around in a feminine tight skirt and sneakers for ease of walking.
Yusa Goro (29), Nippon TV ’17, in her first year with the company. She is wearing a white beautiful top and black skirt, creating a classy atmosphere.

From the August 11, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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