Yusuke Kawai, “JOKER City Council Member,” Wears Flamboyant Makeup to the Office… What He Wants to Sell Even If He Is Called an “Iro Monster | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yusuke Kawai, “JOKER City Council Member,” Wears Flamboyant Makeup to the Office… What He Wants to Sell Even If He Is Called an “Iro Monster

The controversial man who ran for governor of Chiba Prefecture last March has secretly become a member of the Soka City Council in Saitama Prefecture.

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Children are nice. They are free.”

Yusuke Kawai, 41, a.k.a. “JOKER City Councilor,” muttered to himself as he gazed at the elementary school students cheerfully walking to school, and his shoulders slumped.

After graduating from Kyoto University, he has been active as a comedian since 2006. He also manages a company and organizes martial arts events.

Kawai attracted attention when he ran for Chiba Prefecture’s gubernatorial election last March, wearing flashy makeup that mimicked the main character in the movie “JOKER. In October of this year, he secretly won election to the Soka City Council in Saitama Prefecture. He got the badge he had longed for.

What is the reason for such a JOKER city council member to be discouraged so early in the morning on a weekday? When we asked him, he told us that he was refused to attend the council meeting wearing makeup, which is his identity.

Today (December 6), for the first time since I became a council member, I am going to ask a general question. I submitted an application to enter the room wearing joker makeup in order to put my own ideas to the mayor, but I was informed that I would be denied entry. Why am I not allowed to wear makeup freely while female council members wear makeup? I’m off to protest now!”

Kawai dutifully headed to the assembly. However, his decision did not seem to change, and when he returned after about 10 minutes, he began to talk about his thoughts on the city government while regretfully removing his makeup.

I have always wanted to act for the public while I am still alive. This protest is one of them. Why is it okay for women to participate but not for men to wear makeup? There are still many common practices that have remained outdated from the past. I want to destroy that.”

In closing, he said, “Let me say this. Their heads are harder than Soka senbei (rice crackers). We can only hope that he will use his passion to get the city government to do the right thing.

Despite our attempts to contact the staff, they refused to allow him to enter the council chambers, claiming that it would be “detrimental to the dignity of the council. However, he says he will continue to protest in the future.

From the December 23, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

  • Photo by Takero Yui

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