Dinner with the national soccer team, showing off her bold T-shirt… The reason for the “energetic activities day after day” of Korea’s beautiful First Lady | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dinner with the national soccer team, showing off her bold T-shirt… The reason for the “energetic activities day after day” of Korea’s beautiful First Lady

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President Yun and his wife, center, were presented with autographed uniforms and balls from the national soccer team. (Image: EPS=Jiji)

President Yun said, “I am sure that the top 16 was the result of four years of sweat and toil toward a single goal. As a fan, I thank you for rewarding the people’s passionate support.”

On December 8, President Yun Suk-yeol invited the Korean national soccer team players to a dinner held at the guest house of Cheongwadae (the former presidential palace). First Lady Kim Keon-hee (50), who attended the dinner, consoled the players.

The dinner included pork possum, beef loin, abalone, and seasonal vegetables. Mrs. Kim spoke positively to the players and coaches, including captain Son Heung-min. She was presented with official red uniforms and soccer balls signed by all the members of the national team, and seemed very pleased with them.

Mrs. Kim is moving around energetically. During the day on the day of the dinner, she wore a bold yellow T-shirt and participated in volunteer activities in Busan, South Korea. She visited a café founded by a young man who grew up in an orphanage and said, “It is important to realize a society where people help each other so that young people can become independent. It seems that there is a special circumstance behind Mrs. Kim’s active participation.

Why Her Popularity Has Turned and Why She Is Subjected to Criticism

When President Yun took office in May 2010, Mrs. Kim’s popularity was enormous; her fan site, “Keon-Sarang (I love you, Keon-Sarang),” launched in December 2009, initially had about 30,000 members, but after Mr. Yun took office, the number grew to nearly 100,000. The reason for this is Mrs. Kim’s friendly personality.

Even after she became First Lady, she was supported by the public for her folksy behavior, such as taking out meals at a downtown market. She also casually discloses her personal life on her Instagram. Her favorite white sandals (approx. 3,500 yen) and skirt (approx. 5,500 yen) on her Instagram became the talk of the town and sold out at various stores. They were so popular that a search for “Kim Keon-hee” on a major Korean online shopping site yielded more than 2,500 hits.

However, recently her popularity has taken a turn for the worse. Recently, however, his popularity has taken a turn for the worse, and he has come in for a lot of criticism. Scandals have surfaced one after another.

He has been under a parade of allegations, including manipulation of the stock price of an automobile sales company in which he holds a large number of shares, failure to declare the assets of expensive jewelry, and allegations of plagiarism in a dissertation for which he received a doctoral degree.

Her attitude during a meeting with the Vietnamese president at Cheong Wa Dae on December 6 was also criticized online as ‘undignified’ and ‘disrespectful. Kim crossed her legs and wore slippers in response to the foreign dignitaries. It is normal in the West for heads of state to cross their legs when talking to each other, and the room to which the president of the National Assembly was invited was an oriental-style room, which is not allowed to be entered with shoes of any kind. ……

Although it has recovered somewhat recently, President Yun’s approval rating has been declining along with Mrs. Kim’s popularity. It even dropped to the low 20% range at one point. This is a testament to the influence of Mrs. Kim.

For better or for worse, that’s how much attention Mrs. Kim is getting. I think that the dinner with the national soccer team and her participation in volunteer activities are also intended to raise her husband’s approval rating. It seems that she is aiming to restore her own reputation by dining with popular athletes and participating in charitable activities.

Mrs. Kim’s words and actions are the key to the ups and downs of the Yun administration. It seems that the first lady cannot afford to be complacent.

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