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Alleged “Female Secretary Embezzlement” Incident at the Office of a Former Olympic Medalist Legislator

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Manabu Horii is interviewed. Recently, he has been wearing a wig instead of his trademark skinhead.

In early November, a suspicious document circulated and became a quiet topic of conversation in Nagata-cho.

Embezzlement at the office of a “Diet member

Although there are only a little over 700 people in Nagata-cho, crimes such as fraud, bribery, and violations of the Political Funds Law have been uncovered one after another. Perhaps the crime rate is higher than that of organized crime syndicates.

In fact, an embezzlement case is currently under investigation at the office of a Diet member. The Metropolitan Police Department is being consulted.

The following is a detailed description of the “incident.

A female secretary working alone at a Diet member’s office in Nagatacho, Tokyo, embezzled money from the accountant of a local office to pay for her activities. The expenses were supposed to be used to pay for party tickets, cab fares for Diet members, and other expenses.

However, another secretary was assigned to work at the Diet building. However, another secretary was assigned to work at the Diet building, and the female secretary suddenly stopped showing up at the Diet building, fearing that she would be found to be embezzling money.

When we checked the bank book for the assembly building again, we found that the female secretary had withdrawn more than 6 million yen.

The document further states, “The female secretary made the first move,” and continues as follows.

[Joon] … The secretary sent a content-certified letter demanding payment of 8 million yen in compensation because she had developed an “adjustment disorder” as a result of being subjected to power harassment.

This is a very unruly female secretary.

The parliamentarian, who is supposed to be the victim of the harassment, has been consulting with the Metropolitan Police Department about the embezzlement case, but he is afraid that the female secretary will come out and say that he was harassed without any basis in fact. 〉.

Is the content of this document really true?

When we interviewed the relevant authorities, we learned that the “incident” took place at the office of Manabu Horii, a member of the House of Representatives. Mr. Horii is a former speed skater who won a bronze medal at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. The ground is in Hokkaido’s 9th district.

The 9th district has been former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s iron foothold since the change to a single-seat constituency system in 1996. Mr. Horii, then a member of the Hokkaido assembly, entered the race there as an LDP-certified candidate, and preliminary surveys showed that he had overwhelmingly defeated Mr. Hatoyama. Before the election, Hatoyama announced his retirement without a fight, and Horii’s name recognition rose dramatically in the political world, saying, “I forced the former prime minister into retirement. However, in the 2009 general election, House of Councilors member Muneo Suzuki (The Japan Innovation Party), who is very popular in Hokkaido, turned his vote to Tatsumaru Yamaoka of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, losing the primary election and being restored proportionally.

The person named in the dubious letter as the “unruly female secretary” was identified as Ms. M, who was a registered employee of the same office.

Ms. M is said to have worked as a private secretary for a House of Councilors member’s office in Hokkaido, a member of the Seiwa-kai, and then as a private secretary for a House of Representatives member’s office in Chiba, also a member of the Seiwa-kai, before becoming a private secretary for Horii’s office.

She is married to a certain city councilor, and she was reportedly the talk of the town when she was seen leaving her children at the daycare center in the second councilor’s office.

She said, “Parents of small children are often dressed for ease of movement, but Ms. M was dressed in Chanel bag, Cartier watch, and Louboutin shoes. She was a unique person, saying herself, ‘I have only taken the green car on the Shinkansen.

A female secretary of the Seiwa-kai said, and continued, “When we went out drinking with other secretaries, we would take a bath together.

When the secretaries went out drinking together, they would drink heavily, but when it came time to pay the bill, they would disappear, saying, ‘The senator is calling for me. It was reported in a weekly magazine in the past that he once ate and drank without paying at a Shinbashi snack bar.

When we visited Mr. M at his home, his husband, a city councilor, told us, “My wife is not here.

I don’t know, and it’s not for me to tell you.”

I rang Mr. M’s cell phone, but there was no response.

When we went to Mr. Horii’s office, Mr. Horii himself asked, “Can you prove that you are not a reporter from the other side? I don’t know where the information is leaking from. I suspected that the office was bugged or that there was a spy in the office,” he responded in a loud voice.

He apologized for the sudden visit and seemed to calm down as he began to speak.

We are discussing the embezzlement with the police. I can’t talk about other matters either, because my lawyer and their lawyer are discussing them right now.

He then brought out a paper with the “Seven Policies of the Horii Office” and spoke about the “power harassment allegations,” saying, “We are a cheerful, easy-to-work-with, and rewarding place.

We have been trying to create an upbeat, easy-to-work-in, and rewarding workplace. In our office, there is no pecking order, including myself, and I have always treated everyone with honorifics. It is called power harassment, but I have no recollection of it. I thought that one day they would notice. I thought that someday they would improve. ……”

If these “embezzlement allegations” are true, the details of the case will become clearer as the investigation progresses. However, it appears that the story has nothing to do with the power struggle in the Seiwa-kai….

  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki

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